President Trump will meet with Chancellor Merkel at The White House tomorrow. It will be interesting because both have been critical of each other.

Trump complimented Merkel back in 2013 before she brought in radical jihadists.

The meeting will be to ensure a strong alliance between US-Germany. Obama and Merkel got along nicely but Trump and Merkel will most likely be a rocky relationship.

The two are expected to discuss strengthening the NATO alliance, collaborating to fight terrorism and taking steps to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. The BBC reported that the two will also discuss transatlantic trade. Merkel will be joined by top officials at German companies including Siemens and BMW.

Merkel reportedly said that the German relationship with the U.S. is important and a two-way street. She said a BMW plant in the U.S. exported “more cars than GM and Ford together” from the U.S. Officials told Reuters that Merkel has prepared carefully for the meeting.

Trump has not been shy in his criticism of the European Union’s immigration policy, and Merkel has criticized Trump’s travel ban.

Refugees from Muslim countries have entered Germany due to Angela Merkel’s open border policies. Due to the policies, the rape stats have skyrocketed and it’s more dangerous than ever for German women. President Trump repeatedly targeted Merkel for being hellbent on destroying German culture.