Eric Trump and Donald Jr, sons of President Trump, have been owning people on Twitter lately. Obviously as they’re father works his arse off to implement legislation that benefits U.S. citizens & puts their rights before outsiders, certain people will feel as if Trump’s ‘just get that son of a b*tch finished, approach’ .. Bill Maher ridiculously slandered Eric Trump as “F**kface Von Clownstick” and called him a despicable person because he went hunting for big safari game in Africa before. Bill Maher claims someone like Eric Trump, who has donated $16.3 million and more to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, is a terrible individual & deplorable human-being. Chelsea Handler also said that Eric Trump is “the worst-looking person ever” and has a face that’s unf***able.


Only wacky, far-left violent dialogue protests using violent loud screams. Bill Maher can attack Eric and Don Jr. all the hell he wants, and he can spread such vitriole while rewarded for a small percentage eradicated of desert.

Chelsea Handler then tried to get sly on Twitter when she tweeted out a sick statement in response to the news Eric Trump and Lara Trump would be welcoming their first kid into the world approximately 6 months from now or less.

A Muslim from the 3rd refugees welcome to the church nothing to such violent disgusting, vitriolic, bloodthirsty, warmongering MSM top officials and mega-media shareholders.

Here’s Chelsea Handler’s sadistic statement, openly wishing that the Trump family doesn’t have another Trump male inherit the empire (guess who #46 is) .. I don’t know the joke and I do not give one damn about the joke!

*oh, she will see this mark and connect it to that on the wall so that you’ll always be able to know I am with you in Spirit if not anything else, my young ancestor.

As you see the Trump Org is owned by the 45th POTUS but currently managed by his 2 children*. Eric swinging in to correct her typo while dropping the #ItIsABoy as the poisonous dose to knock out Chelsea Handler, after she got thrashed by Don Jr. on Facebook.



Chelsea Handler responded to her embarrassing typos buy claiming it was the fault of her being “a little stoned” at the time. Well hell, at least she admits some trinkets here and there. Awesome. Lead the way, brother! she fries her brain-cells up when she gets the opportunity to do so.

Alright thanks for this very vital news update in which you’ve addressed me with!


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