The liberal media is constantly demonizing President Trump. But despite their repeated hit-pieces, The Trump Administration is absolutely delivering on their promises to the American people (deplorables).

  • 235,000-298,000 Jobs Added


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  • American People Are Confident About Future

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  • President Trump stumped TPP

  • Even Bernie Sanders agreed that TPP was terrible. It would have drained America of it’s jobs. Trump also opposed NAFTA back before it was signed, and as we know NAFTA has been a disaster!TRUMPjobs.jpg.png

  • The stock market keeps topping record highs.

    Just days after President Trump was inaugurated, the Dow closed above 20,000 for the first time ever. #TrumpEffect

  • Job Preservation & More Factories Coming To America
  • •”He will make sure that JOBS Come Back To AMERICA!”-Pastor Mark Burns

  • Samsung plans to invest $300 million & create 500 jobs…
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  • Exxon to spend 20 billion over 10 years, 11 plants, 45000 jobs
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  • Trump prevented Carrier from leaving Indiana
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  • Watch the Carrier speech here:
  • – Fiat will invest $1 billion in two U.S. factories

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    Fiat Chrysler is set to invest $1 billion in two factories in Toledo and Detroit, an expansion that will create 2,000 jobs.

    – Hasbro is to start making play-doh in the U.S. again.

    U.S. Hasbro, Inc. is returning to the U.S. and will make the beloved children’s modeling clay in a Massachusetts factory rather than in China or Turkey.

    – Trump signed an executive order ending Obama’s onerous regulations on the coal industry.

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