Folks, if you thought BuzzFeed put up petty articles — or HuffPo – or TeenVogue, or thought that The Onion was pretty bad. This article will make you ROFL.

A.R. Wasserman of wrote a long ass, pointless editorial of her delusional SJW guilt — of purchasing an Ivanka Trump coat over 2 years ago. She still owns it, and feels guilty. Lmao.

This absolute absurd [seemingly satirical] article starts out with this:

Two winters ago, I was living in Boston. It was cold and I needed a new coat. I went to the Macy’s in Downtown Crossing after work one evening and tried on basically every winter coat in the store. I finally settled on a camel-colored wool coat with big patch pockets and a detachable hood. It wasn’t until after I decided on that particular coat that I looked at the brand name—Ivanka Trump.

She said she was okay with brand, and got it 75% off. So why did she end up feeling guilty for purchasing herself a f**king coat? When Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

 wore that coat throughout that winter and the next. It was warm and I often got compliments on it. I started to feel a little weird about wearing it, however, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for office. For instance, I was unnerved by his self-aggrandizing and overt bigotry towards Mexicans and Muslims, but like so many others, I wrote him off. I never thought he would make it to the primaries. Plus, I told myself that his daughter wasn’t him.

Okay, so you don’t like his statements and hoopla but you love the coat and the Trump brand logo is unable to be seen, due to it being on the interior part of the jacket. So even if you hate Donald Trump, it doesn’t matter because no one will ever see the brand name. I’m just flabbergasted, why the f**k did she get so deluded & fantastical over a f**king Ivanka Trump coat? I got a poster of my favorite movie on the wall, and the actor used to be a mega role model. But I’ve seen him put Trump supporters down on Twitter and label us all racist bigots — so I’ve lost my interest in someone I used to admire. I don’t take the poster down though, the movie is still awesome. So her dad is not great in your eyes, but no one can see that it’s a Trump coat because the logo is hidden & it’s an Ivanka brand anyway, so why the f**k are you so worried and paranoid?

She goes on in article, saying she thought of Ivanka as a rich kid who turned businesswoman. .. she talked about how a liberal magazine made her sound amazing.

Honestly, I knew very little about Ivanka prior to her father’s 2016 campaign. I knew she’d been a model, went to Wharton, and had a clothing line. I thought of her as a wealthy socialite and businesswoman. An early 2015 profile in Vogue made her seem not only smart and feminist but also likeable. She was outspoken in her support for women who want to work and have a family. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Then this paranoid Trump-hating feminazi went to Marhsall’s the following summer [how the f**k does she remember these damn details? over a f**king coat? she must write holy scriptures when she takes a shit]. Ok, she went to Marshall’s in the midst of Trump’s campaign, which she found repulsive. She then literally gets Stumped By Trump. And Totally Trump Trolled!

The following summer, the campaign was in full swing when I found a navy blue lace dress at Marshall’s that I liked. I was surprised by how good it looked on me, and was disappointed when I noticed the inside tag once again said “Ivanka Trump.” I felt squidgy inside, but I really did like the dress, and it was less than $30 on sale. Plus, I figured with the way stores like Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx buy their inventory, her company had already made their money whether or not I personally bought the dress, so I did. I only wore it twice, and I felt bad both times.

Ok, so this chick .. claims to be a feminist. She knows Ivanka is a feminist, or whatever. I mean I don’t see Ivanka as the rabid-eyed, undomesticated, batshit crazy bloodhound feminists roaming the streets. I see Ivanka as a powerful, feminine woman who stands up for her own and chases her dreams. True femininity, while demanding respect. Real feminism. Not running around telling white men to bow down and apologize. Not glorifying obesity. Not shaving your head bald just to eliminate feminine looks. But being a powerful female and embracing femininity. Not ’embracing’ an artificial ideology of toxic 3rd wave feminazism. So if this girl is really a feminist, than why is she so bothered to wear an Ivanka Trump brand. It’s bigoted to feel uncomfy in her clothes just because her dad is not a type of person you agree with. Ivanka is not the same person as her father, b*tch!

She then wrote this which exposed her to be the type of fake ass, bitchy, pretentious feminist:

I, like many others, held out hope that Ivanka would somehow temper her father. I should have known better. Ivanka’s interviews in the later stages of the campaign were disappointing at best. She walked out on a Cosmopolitan interview when she didn’t like the tone of the questions. I felt betrayed by the voice of “Women Who Work” championing a maternity leave policy that only offered six weeks of paid leave, and had no allowances for fathers or same-sex couples. The hard truth is that Ivanka Trump is not, and never was, the feminist I wanted her to be.

Wait so you want Ivanka, who’s been raised into a classy, elegant, successful businesswoman by her father .. to lecture her father on what he says?? How about maybe wanting Ivanka to not ‘temper her father’ like she’s his mother — but approach him about something she disagrees with and discuss it like families discuss. And you got disappointed in Ivanka for leaving a total hitpiece? The Cosmopolitan interviewer can ask a lot of bullshit if she wants, it’s her interview. But Ivanka has the right to leave whenever as well. According to Ivanka, the questions were cherrypicking statements her father made from the past.Instead of being rational and asking about eh good and bad her father has done, they magnified the negative things .. and according to Ivanka, the interviewer was condescending and her vocal tone was negative. Ivanka was not comfortable with a pseudo-intellect using news reports from the past 3 or 4 decades to cherrypick a few bad things that happened and then judge her father off of that. The interviewer was not trying to gain a better grasp of her dad Donald Trump, but instead trying to massage the preconceived image she already had of Donald. A bully, a chauvinist, and a  misogynistic monster. So she picked the few statements he said that were maybe negative about a woman and she magnified it and made the interview a hitpiece. Why would anyone let someone lecture their father or mother for a few statements they made once or twice, when instead the interviewer could ask tough questions but objectively and not with a negative tone.

This socially retarded zombie in the Kveller article said she was disappointed that her maternity leave policy only offered 6 weeks of paid leave..and didn’t have allowances for a father… or gay couples. LMAO. Sorry but pregnant heterosexual women are a bigger necessity to fulfill in the workforce than gays, woman. AND QUIT THINKING THE GOV’T NEEDS TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING! Gov’t is not supposed to be intrusive, this is capitalism 1st world open market, don’t be so dependent.The article then OBJECTIVELY leaves out facts. Saying that Ivanka remained “silent as her father signed an executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.”

You see, the stupid article’s author purposely left important points of the executive order. Yeah the 7 countries were Muslim-majority, but like 85% of the world’s Muslims were still allowed to be in the US AND TRAVEL FREELY. There’s proof a ‘radical minority’ exists that want Sharia Law, there’s statistical proof that a lot of refugees leech off welfare and hardworking taxpayers’ dollars, and leech the system, and cause problems. The rape and crime stats have skyrocketed since migrants came into European nations. Literally the spike occurs right as the migrants come. Governments are teaming with Facebook to censor anti-migrant stories, anti-migrant stories are getting people suspended on Facebook — even if it’s a true story. Like the Facebook live video where a bunch of ugly dirty Arab migrants raped a white Swedish chick, yet the news reports totally ommitted the race of the perpetrators. So, this article leaves out the dangers of immigrants.

Then she went to the anti-Semitic standpoint:

Even worse, he signed the ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day and failed to even mention the Jewish people in his statement. And worse was the fact that Ivanka, a Jewish woman, said nothing. As Jews, we know the dangers of silence in the face of prejudice.

What is it with these minority religions and minority races trying to play the victim card? If you hate living in a place where Christianity is majority and whites are majority than go to a place where we are not! Oh wait, you won’t, we’re the best most advanced countries on earth.LMAO! And why would he need to mention Jews in the Holocaust statement? That’s like a teacher issuing a 9/11 statement to kids on 9/11, and after stating her own testimony on the horrid attacks, some smartass kid raises his hand and says “Ms. Jones, why did you omit the fact that the main victims were overwhelmingly American citizens … and that the attack was committed by foreign Islamic terrorists, operating under Osama bin Laden’s watchful eye”

It’s like yes, we know 9/11 was an atrocious anti-American attack committed by CRAZY MUSLIMS. Just like we know the Holocaust was a HORRID, PUTRID, RETROGRADE, REPREHENSIBLE, DEMONIC ATTACK OF UNPARALLELED PROPORTIONS AND EVIL — Committed by the Nazis in opposition of Jewish people. We just know that’s what it is, why do we have to reiterate it? We know what 9/11 and Holocaust and Charlie Hedbo shooting and Nice, France van attack was about and why. Just remember the victims and revoke the evil. The Holocaust is DEFINITIVE WITH THIS STATEMENT: ‘Nazi Germany committed disgusting genocide of 6 million-11 million Jewish people’ EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THE HOLOCAUST WAS AND WHY IT TARGETED JEWS.

“kids, it is 9/11 so soon we will do a moment of silence in honor of the memory of those nearly 3,000 souls laid to rest in the vicious attack. It’s a time to reflect on the lives of the innocent, who were attacked by evil forces. And remember that as long as we can come together, we can come back from anything, even an attack such as deadly as 9/11”, the elementary teacher said to begin the solemn 9/11 day. It notes the atrocity that happened and does not reiterate that the attack was on western people, targeted due to their western values, by RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. But why mention it? Everyone knows 9/11 and why it happened and same with Holocaust.

The author ended this utterly petty, hapless, unentertaining, anti-climactic article with this thud of nothing:

By the time Donald Trump had been elected, I’d moved out of Boston and back to my home state of Delaware. I find myself being strangely comforted by the mild winter we’ve been having (despite what that represents in terms of climate change), because it means extending the wear of my fall coat—and not having to wear my Ivanka Trump coat. I can’t even look at the coat or the dress anymore without feeling immense shame and disgust. I regret ever giving even the smallest amount of money to that family. I refuse to wear either item of clothing, but I have yet to get rid of them either.

Here’s my conundrum: Do I donate or trash these two garments? On the one hand, trashing seems irresponsible. They’ll end up in a landfill somewhere, and I try my best to live as sustainably as possible. However, donating seems wrong too. Do I really want people who are struggling to be stuck wearing my old Ivanka Trump-branded coat? That seems like a slap in the face to the very people the Trump administration is hurting the most.

So, for now, they hang in the closet, reminding me of my privilege and complicity in purchasing a brand because I thought it didn’t really matter that much. Like so many people leading up to the election, I believed the polls that said Hillary Clinton would win. It wasn’t until a week or two before the election that fear really set in, and when I saw the map turning red on election night, I knew my hopes for the first female president were over.

These days I pay a lot more attention to where my money goes. I’m all about “grabbing my wallet” to support businesses that openly defy the administration and boycott ones that support it. I guess I should go to Nordstrom to buy a new coat, and pick up a Starbucks latte on the way

So the same chick who wrote that she cannot say Ivanka is her father now says she gets a feeling of “immense shame and disgust” when she looks at her Ivanka coat/Ivanka dress. LOL. She then said she regrets giving any amount of money to “that family”..This is where the total retardation,autistic like talking points kick in. SHE SAYS SHE WOULD GIVE IT TO THE HOMELESS WHO ARE FREEZING, BUT SINCE IT’S IVANKA TRUMP SHE’D FEEL BAD TO HAVE THEM WEAR IT.WTF?! I do not like the Chicago Bulls but If I AM A SHOELESS HOBO AND YOU OFFER ME MJ23 SNEAKERS, I will take em! DUH! ..She then goes off the deep-end again, LMAO. Here’s my conundrum: Do I donate or trash these two garments? On the one hand, trashing seems irresponsible. They’ll end up in a landfill somewhere, and I try my best to live as sustainably as possible. However, donating seems wrong too. Do I really want people who are struggling to be stuck wearing my old Ivanka Trump-branded coat? That seems like a slap in the face to the very people the Trump administration is hurting the most.And then finisehd saying “So, for now, they hang in the closet, reminding me of my privilege and complicity in purchasing a brand because I thought it didn’t really matter that much.” So she is guilting herself because years back she was cold, so she bought a nice jacket that was 75% off and looked stylish? Who would feel guilt over that? LMAO. She links the article,”JUDAISM WHITE PRIVILEGE AND MUSLIM BAN” when referencing her so-called privielge, LMAO. Well if you go to Muslim nations, you won’t be privielged. The arabs are the majority so theres an arab privilege, dumb bitc