Russia maintains a big chunk of air space over Syria. The Democrats and many neocon Republican sellouts want to seemingly spark WW3 with Russia due to their doings in Syria. It’s funny how our gov’t condemns Putin air-striking innocents, yet Obama did it more than anyone ever.

Outgoing general in charge of Air Combat Command says he “would support higher-level communication between the U.S. and Russian militaries in an effort to avoid accidents in the skies above Syria” and in an effort to avoid WW3.

General Herbert Carlisle is a true expert. Gen. Carlisle knows what to do and how to handle it to avert a nuclear WW3.

Top US Marine General Dunford confirmed Hillary’s plan with Syrian air control would require WW3 with Russia.

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Warmonger Hillary wanted ALL OUT WAR with Russia. Hillary is so evil, that she seriously proposed to DRONE STRIKE Julian Assange [which would have killed innocents around him] because he was exposing her corrupt and evil deeds. I’m not saying Hillary, due to her being a liberal Dem, is evil for this kinda stuff. SO MANY REPUBLICANS ARE JUST AS EVIL, and WikiLeaks exposes them.

General Carlisle’s stance obviously aligns with President Trump’s policies.

It’s hilarious how Dems and cuckservatives and libs condemn Trump for saying a few nice comments about Putin. Yet same Dems, cucks, & libs justify Obama having a homoerotic relationship with the murderous communist Castros ..

As you see, President Obama offered an intellect view on Castro, but drew ripe criticism for not condemning the brutal deaths he was responsible for. Cuban Americans were really livid with Obama. Trump said a quick and sweet tweet in response to Castro’s death .. but later wrote a scathing goodbye letter to the commie.

NOW, liberals may be okay with Obama and Castro .. but some also justify getting in the bed with Iranian Mullahs.. Iran Nuke Deal is a total joke and did nothing whatsoever but waste money and give Iran ‘assets’ they did not deserve. Iran sponsors Islamic jihadists more than anyone. We practically gave Iran all this money and now it’s most likely going to fund Islamic terrorism. Yes, Obama tried to sneak off your millions of tax-dollars in the middle of the night without you noticing to fund Islamic terror that our patriotic troops are battling. Due to Obama [and the fact we had idiots like Bush, Hillary, McCain warmongering for the Iraq Invasion] after all damage, destruction, and catastrophic carnage .. the U.S. gov’t used American citizens’ tax dollars to fund, equip, and create ISIS. Dead serious. So LIBERALS ARE OKAY WITH OBAMA MAKING FRIENDSHIPS WITH CASTROS AND IRAN, yet say Trump trying to make peace with Putin is Nazi KGB evil.


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