President Trump and his supporters have been pushing for Hillary Clinton’s prosecution and imprisonment.

WashPo footage of President Trump saying ‘lock her up’ in video below.!

At 2nd debate, Trump told Hillary he get Hillary prosecuted if POTUS. Notice how Hillary sits down [despite being at beginning of debate, so she can’t be that tired]? Hillary sits her wide ass down to play victim as Trump points at her. She is trying to draw sympathy. Women want equality until they get a dose of it!

Lock Her Up!

Lock Her Up!

FBI Director Comey came out and admitted that Hillary Clinton obviously committed crimes [well duh, you cucked P.O.S.] .. despite this, he did not prosecute. It caused utter outrage to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, liberals, conservatives all across America. The injustice was so blatant and unreal.

You can see here that leftists hate Hillary and want her imprisoned.

Yes. Due to the cards being stacked just right for Hillary by internal DNC members, and due to superdelegates ridiculously dictating the margin of Hillary’s win,  and due to Wall Street just flooding “Crooked” Hillary with money, and due to Hillary being a total puppet. due to Hillary email exposing that she lies to public, and due to Hillary admitting she is out of tune with American people, and due to Hillary supporting TPP, and due to Hillary’s vote for Iraq War, due to Hillary’s ineffectiveness on Benghazi catastrophe, due to Hillary lying about Benghazi, due to Hillary and Bill’s nonstop accusations of committing terrible things to Bill’s victims, due to unproven — yet very odd and uncommon trail of bodies left behind Clintons, and due to Hillary’s total fake persona .. Bernie supporters protested and fought against Clinton. And due to Hillary being a criminal let off the hook, Bernie supporters even chanted ‘lock her up’.

When Bernie fans are chanting the signature statement of a very right-wing fan base, that shows you how much Bernie fans despise Hillary.

Bernie betrayed his own cause. Would it have been worth it had Hillary won? Probably so, because despite Hillary being Wall Street’s puppet and totally being a follower [not a real leader], most of her agenda was identical to Bernie’s. But still, Bernie totally betrayed his cause. And the fact that Hillary lost, made Bernie’s treason become more raunchy. If Hillary would have won, Bernie’s legacy would have been able to hold on because leftists would eventually realize that Bernie had to or else a right-wing agenda would get to The White House. But Hillary did not win, and she struggled to get crowds, and she had all these polls being unveiled as total fraudulent polls once Trump proved them all wrong on November 8/9. So if Hillary would have become the 45th POTUS, Bernie legacy would be damaged but understandable. But Hillary is as corrupt and nagging as always, and Bernie’s betrayal to fans and genuine grassroots beliefs, were not worth anything. So much money was sent to Bernie’s campaign to take down Clinton and establishment, but eventually Bernie used their money to fund Clinton.

Bernie people raised hell at DNC. If you thought the #NeverTrump dickheads at the RNC were wild, you are in for a treat with these Democrat socialists!

Okay, despite the spirit behind Bernie’s populist grassroots movement & despite that genuine free spirit of fairness and social justice and grassroots politics making Hillary’s movement feel like a dump of corporate dhiarrea [with a robot candidate], when that spirit was abandoned to endorse the very evil Bernie swore to destroy — many were not happy. His most fervent supporters were totally pissed. Some understood, but so many — if not majority — were pissed. Now in all honesty, with the far-left ideas of Bernie, it’s obvious and logical that he endorsed Hillary. Sure, he’s got major disagreements with her, but most of her agenda aligns with his .. unlike President Trump’s conservative #AmericaFirst agenda. It was less of ‘endorsing Hillary’ and more of ‘ stopping Trump’ . So a logical choice by Bernie to endorse, but totally destroyed his campaign’s symbolic spirit and somewhat legendary run.

Lol. The DNC was a clusterf**k compared to the RNC in my opinion. Not as much celebs but more heart and less phony PC hogwash. But here are hilarious videos of the ‘Bernie people’ invading Queen Hillary’s big event.

Watch Debbie Wasserman-Schultz get booed like crazy at DNC. Wasserman-Schultz played favorites during campaign. Unethical actions! Take a look, here.

Hillary hired Wasserman-Schultz right after her unethical doings were revealed. Total middle finger to Bernie’s people. Just like when Hillary got exposed calling them losers.

So many people did less than she did, or the same as she did, and got jailed. Martha Stewart lied to FBI and faced hardcore jail time. Hillary did it multiple times, unlike Martha who did it once. Yet Hillary never went to prison.

  • This Navy SAILOR did like barely anything in comparison to Hillary. He took a few pics of a classified area of a submarine, and took it home to show his children. He’s serving hard time right now, and Hillary is living in a mansion or calling her servant the n-word right now.
  • Okay so Clinton was treated extremely lenient .. but every other American were put in the slammer  for their crimes. Unfair that Hillary gets leniency.

Congress told Hillary to show the emails that she sent over her private, dangerous server. She sent sensitive info through the insecure server, which could have been hacked by foreign entities. So when Congress told Hillary to be dutiful and show all the emails she sent over the private server, she did not do that. Instead she deleted like half of the emails. ILLEGALLY!

At the Commander-in-Chief forum, Hillary was respectfully, but toughly, confronted by a veteran. He called her bullsh*t out!

So whether or not you think Hillary would have made a better POTUS than Trump, it’s indisputable that Hillary broke major laws, lied to the FBI, lied to Congress, and just insanely weaseled her way out. TOTALLY MIRACULOUS. Unbelievable corruption!

Hillary all for equality, even though she is treated like royalty and others must fold to the law.

Hillary all for feminism, until you see Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier thrown in the slammer for something nowhere near as dangerous as Hillary’s crimes. If Hillary were a true feminist, she’d march her bitch ass to jail!

Hillary says Trump is unqualified yet she can’t even make it to the fucking car. LOL.

Hillary is so uppity that she lectures Americans not to deny the fact that injustices are still here. Yet she is the most glaring example of injustice in America.

Hillary and her cronies smashed phones and did dirty deeds to cover up her crimes.

So even though Hillary is off the hook right now. Rep Chaffetz is still looking for an opening to reinvestigate Hillary. And this time it would be under Jeff Sessions, not Lynch!