35% of SNL viewers are totally fed up with the repeated potshots at President Trump on SNL.


They want anti-Trump skits to stop being so frequently, and I presume want them cancelled for good!

SNL should be grateful that Trump hosted their shows and caused their ratings to substantially go upward. SNL is run by NBC, which is a network totally in bed with Clinton. And many networks and the one network I’m discussing right now [NBC], is like succubus to the liberal celebs. NBC employee, an SNL writer Katie Rich, made a disgusting remark about 10 year old Barron Trump .. the child of POTUS & FLOTUS. Screw Katie Rich!

Slate, liberal media rag, slandered liberal pundit Alan Colmes .. attacking him by saying he’s a ‘buffoon’ + more, after he recently passed away. TOTALLY CLASSLESS & CHILDISH, Slate. Proves the snowflake young people who work there are deluded idiots who think they can LECTURE US.

The media, along with hotshot celebs, become more arrogant every millisecond with their anti-Trump sentiment. Abusively biased! Another poll showed many turn off TV when celebs attack Trump at awards shows.

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On the  42nd season premiere of SNL, Alec Baldwin disgustingly debuted his first Trump impersonation. Totally wacky and satiric.


Trump said news stories with ‘unidentified sources’ should be avoided by the US citizens. Amidst the hailstorm, President Trump still has the manly fortitude to stand up for #AmericaFirst policies & everyday ‘deplorable’ Americans [referring to Hillary ‘basket of deplorables’ remark] ..