Fox News is biased to the right, but that’s because of the LYING LIBERAL MEDIA. Some liberals may say Rush Limbaugh made up conspiracy of ‘liberal media bias’ … but even if Limbaugh made it up, WikiLeaks has totally proven liberal media bias to be REAL.


Former Sweden Prime Minister Carl Bildt went on openly  corrupt, Clinton-colluding, anti-Trump, fake news, liberal network CNN to call out Trump for using Fox News as source.

That he blames it on Fox News, well, we expect the president of the United States to have sources of information that goes beyond Fox News,”

Former Sweden PM Carl Bildt

..This was reference to Trump’s Sweden gaffe at Melbourne rally, but nevertheless it opened the eyes of many to the TRUE PROBLEMS of Sweden — that media refuses to cover. Bildt was talking about how Trump explained his comment of ‘what happened in Sweden last night’ .. Trump said he stated ‘last night’ comment due to a segment about the migrant problems on Tucker Carlson Show, which he watched last night.