#BoycottRedState: RedState Shames Sean Spicer For Fake News, Yet WORSHIPS CNN Jake Tapper.

RedState is a conservative blog, read by many for the news. It’s got a wide array of authors, all conservatives but with varying takes on certain reports. But in some aspects it’s become a home for Hannity-bashing. And now it is demeaning Sean Spicer.


RedState’s Mickey White posted an article last night called

“Greatest Burn in the History of Twitter? Jake Tapper Sears Sean Spicer in One Hilarious Tweet”

Spicer mentioned that an NY Times reporter could not get his birthplace correct when he responded to an article.

Apparently this RedState author believes Obama and the ‘fake certificate’ is a totally debunked narrative and ‘fake news’ .. just because Hawaii’s gov’t said so, along with the media. Well, it is not closed case for some  people — and they’ve got legit proof to bring with their argument against Obama’s birthplace.

So as you see, RedState will pummel Hannity for posting ‘fake news’ while ‘Trumping’ .. yet this author seems to be fine with Jake Tapper, who spreads illegitimate info [seemingly] all the time.

RedState author finished article by calling President Trump’s birth certificate research as a “pre-election obsession.”

Read the full RedState article here, in which the author bows at his feet like he’s a god.



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