Just before President Trump started his speech before a packed center at CPAC, some distracted attendees fell for the prank put on by a few progressive infiltrators. Apparently, 1,000 red-white-and-blue Russian flags were thrown out, passed out, and handed out to wave in excitement during President Trump’s exciting speech.

Well, I guarantee you most people could tell it was a joke — right when they looked at it. But of course, some dummies are gonna be dummies wherever ya go.

So some people smiled and saw the ‘TRUMP’ lettering and waved them .. until security swiped ’em up fast!


Tim Alberta, representing Politico, claims they thought the two LibTard weasels who handed them the little flags were staffers and when they saw the red, white, and blue with TRUMP across it, they “gave no thought to Russian flag


Audience members scooped them up and waved them enthusiastically as Trump railed against the media.


So the little LIBERAL PRANKSTERS WHO QUICKLY, COWARDLY, & DISCRETELY handed out these mini Russia Trump flags, were two little beta-looking weak men, in their young 20’s. And the two guys, Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton, are apart of Americans Take Action. Back before the electoral college voted, Americans Take Action also worked with Hamilton Electors, a group that bizarrely tried to highjack the election and electoral votes from Trump after he won. So the culprits responsible: The two liberal pranksters:

  • Jason Charter and ..
  • Ryan Clayton ..
  • AFFILIATION: the weak & effeminate, melodramatic, whiner group of snowflakes narcissistically nicknamed ‘The Resistance’, but officially called Americans Take Action.
  • WHAT THEY DID: handed out mini-Russian flags, with TRUMP emblazoned across it..


Funny that after the liberal media perpetuates this narrative, sensationalizes Trump and Putin into a false narrative in an attempt to make Trump supporters and anti-Trumpers think that the US President is a Russian spy.Yeah, good job, you made some American conservatives wave tiny Russian flags for a few seconds. BIG DEAL! How about you get a life, Charter and Clayton? Liberal protesters, according to this study, tend to live in their mama’s basement a lot..

This just shows you how much Trump supporters aren’t patriots of KGB Russia, because If they were — they would have never given them up to the little CPAC security nerds. And TO HELL WITH THAT! These Trump supporters @ CPAC are so off-the-radar with the Russia myth that they didn’t even recognize the damn flag was a RUSSIAN FLAG! These liberals prove their narratives more and more false each day.


Of course MSM reported on this tiny incident, and SENSATIONALIZED it to make it seem like the whole play were waving Russian flags .. when in reality, just a few sections were so wrapped up in the speech that they unknowingly had the Russian flag in their hands.

Oh, and unsurprisingly MOST OF MSM is not reporting that the Russian flags were a set up prank by far-left nerds. So the MSM made people believe some Trump fans brought their own Russian flags to CPAC. SAD! Liberal media bias sucks. IT SUCKS!

Apparently one of the liberal infiltrators said the Russian flags were passed out to mock President Trump’s “admiration” of Russia President Putin. YOU SEE, liberals say it is “admiration” when it’s truly just respect and trying to make the world a more peaceful place , by trying to soothe a mega nuclear power. And Russia has economic issues, so they might need our friendship bad enough — that we could get them to quit their evil deeds in Ukraine, and not become like us and not join a union and not go open borders .. but just be a good country with honest leadership going forward.

I asked people if they wanted a Trump flag and they took it. There were only about five people who said, ‘Wait a minute, this is the Russian flag.’”

– Jason Charter, 22, virgin as of now & basement dweller

The LIBTARD imitating a Trump fan who is an enthusiast of Russia .. aka the LibTARD is imitating something that doesn’t exist.

Clayton told BuzzFeed News he affected a Borat-esque Russian accent while handing out some flags while saying things like “Trump and Putin great leaders, yes?” Here he is with a flag.

[BuzzFeed reported]





..but I’m not sure if you should trust the fact BuzzFeed says that 1/2 of the loser-twins Ryan Clayton told them, BuzzFeed, that he effected that queer mustache while doing some type of Russian accent .. because maybe Ryan Clayton was talking to CBS News or TGP or RealClearPolitics or ThePatrioticPerspective or Politico or Slate or TeenVogue, ya know? BuzzFeed KNOWINGLY PUBLISHED POISONOUS #FakeNews, so I can’t trust anything they post.]


1/2 of the CuckQueers [representing Americans Take Action .. but first cry about it in a safespace]  said that he hopes his prank highlights [nonexistent, imaginary, false] concerns that Trump is tied to Russia and is “selling out the U.S.” .. No, young faggot. Hillary is the one who sold out the world to Russia, and she admits she took the money through secret subsidiaries so no one knew she was getting cash from the RUSSIANS.


Also, why can Hillary hang with Putin and Bill Clinton do a speech and get praised by Putin for the speech and why can Obama go do ‘the wave’ at a baseball game with the Cuban Dictator who is PARTLY, with his brother, responsible for mass oppression, poverty, and DEATH-DEATH-DEATH and why can Obama practically get in bed the Iranian Mullahs and give them all these billions upon billions [but then say it’s okay to enrich the #1 terrorist state because it’s  uuhhhhh ‘their frozen assets, hurdur’] .. SO WHY IS THAT ALL OKAY TO THE MEDIA, but Trump can’t say “Putin seems like a strong leader in my view. Let’s see if we can pragmatically fix the Russian-U.S. relationship. Forever. For good. Peacefully. And then KILL ISIS!” without getting threatened to be impeached!?!?!! LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS.