NBC claims President Trump’s deportation policies will cost us half a trillion bucks, roughly. They cite a 2 year old report from a group, created by 2 Anti-Trumpers.

Fred Malek & Norm Coleman both found the group that NBC cites, and they both cannot stand President Trump. Especially the vitriolic, crude, coldhearted Norm Coleman.

After Trump became Republican Nominee, Norm Coleman still refused to support Trump.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik called out Malek for his hypocrisy .. claiming that Malek was IF ANYTHING a far worse man than Trump! Malek eventually came around and at least shows decent respect now.malek8

Jewish Coaltion head is Cole Noreman, currently, and he got triggered over the Holocaust statement put out by President Trump’s White House. As you see in the pic above, Noreman and the coalition were appalled The Trump White House did not mention the persecution of Jews ..


Like wtf? REALLY COLE NOREMAN? Everyone knows the Holocaust targeted Jews. That’s like a teacher on 9/11’s anniversary, addressing her class and saying ‘LET’S REMEMBER 9/11 TODAY, CHILDREN. Moment of silence’ .. and then some student is crying because the teacher “didn’t mention the Twin Towers were the victims of 9/11!!!”

It is just absurd that the Jewish coalition, along with liberals and MSM, claims Trump is an anti-Semite. Despite being amazing friends with Netanyahu, being called the ‘strongest candidate for Israel of all time’ by the GOP’s top donor, and the fact Trump has a very friendly history with Israel, and the fact Trump’s daughter and son-in-law and grandkids are Jews.malek7

OKAY. So in the statement above, that’s what the Jewish Coalition put forth after Trump won. That’s the coalition that Noreman currently oversees. Contrast that congratulatory statement with Noreman’s personal one below.



“Barely forty eight hours ago the notion” Noreman  be wrote that the notion of Trump winning would  seemed “far-fetched” …Noreman then said that “Perhaps the only person in America who was certain he would be elected President was Donald Trump himself. Which, given his life journey and travels, seems appropriate.” Of course Noreman took a NASTY SHOT at Trump’s 70 years of life [and counting]. Wtf is that supposed to mean, Noreman? Just because you may be a devout Jew and be more committed to your scriptures than Trump is as a Christian, doesn’t mean Trump is evil. Just because a brash billionaire businessman from NYC [that’s a teetotaler yet not perfect] is now the President doesn’t make it surprising that he won the Presidency. Only idiots like you, Noreman, who really saw Trump as a terrible person [because of liberal media brainwashing & being hypersensitive to anti-PC language] — the rest of Americans, whether they like him or not, did not see Trump to be a devilish, monstrous creature. Is Trump a player? Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that he most likely used to be. Is Trump a brash, outspoken, sometimes rude, and historically sometimes vulgar? Yeah. Is Trump a successful, smart, hardworking, trailblazer of a businessman that has a life of success which summarizes the American Dream?  YES. HELL YES HE IS. HELL YES HE DOES. Is Trump, despite being imperfect, a terrible person? No. Is Trump a greedy egomaniac that rapes women? No, he doesn’t rape women and — he may have a big ego and he may be NATURALLY WORLDLY as he accumulated wealth through his hardwork — but he still has been known to be a very, very kind person who gives back to the community and inspires and reaches out and helps people. Sure, Trump is not very classy in comparison to other bigtime billionaires of his stature. Trump is more aggressive and vulgar. But Trump is a nice man, who gives back to the people and it’s been shown throughout his whole life. Is Trump a misogynist? No, he is not Noreman — despite what you think! Trump treats women equally, and if Trump goes off at a man for insulting him then he does it equally to a woman if a woman attacks him! Sp quit making Trump out to be some evil Satanic figure — when he’s just a brash, vulgar at times, fun-loving — YET HARDWORKING billionaire, who has inspired millions throughout the world…..


Noreman then went on and said”as a Republican, and more importantly, as an American, I congratulate Donald Trump on his victory.The people of America have spoken.  I ac…Noreman said the danger going forward is that Democrats will not accept that Trump won without Russians and that Trump’s win happened due to “angry, disaffected white Americans” aka “‘deplorables who voted with hate in their hearts and vengeance in their souls”… Noreman said if Democrats take the reasoning for Trump’s win to be due to “deplorables who voted with hate in their hearts and vengeance in their souls” then they will “find their party further isolated” from Americans for years to come…Noreman then said that his party as Republicans need to use their “immense power” just received from “the ballat box” to make massive progress or else the GOP have many Americans upset. Noreman then said that the next few weeks will be “busy ones for President-Elect Trump and his transition team” as he forms his Cabinet. Noreman then hinted that he’d rather have Obama again [aka Hillary] when he finished off by saying that in the “next few weeks the American people — those who cast their votes for Trump and those who cast their votes for Clinton — can catch their breath, and reflect on our shared national prioritiees and commit to moving America forward” and do so by “reflecting on the powerful words shared by President Obama today in calling for Americans to come together and to get behind President-Elect Donald Trump.”

malek6malek5malek4malek3malek2NBC relentlessly proves they are hell-bent and determined to maximize negativity and hide positive stories from the public when it comes to reporting on President Trump’s administration.

As you see, NBC News was totally fair when Trump’s victory became apparent. The Clinton-friendly network claimed Trump’s win is “catastrophic” .. LOL. NBC left-wing sycophant Lester Holt claimed Trump insulted generals and US military, when he only did so in defense of his agenda — but NBC doesn’t note that. Trump did not vote for Iraq War, instead opposed it vehemently — yet Dems got the Khan family to slander him over their son’s death overseas. What was Trump supposed to do? Lay down and get his a$$ kicked?! Uh, hell no! Also NBC sister channel MSNBC said “America is crying tonight” after Trump won. LOL. MSM is so biased it hurts. LMAO

And now one of NBC’s other channels, CNBC, just put out a petty report. And the report is not even a verified fact. It’s not even half of a fact, because the story just presumes they know the entire deportation plan — which is being crafted for proposal and eventually congressional clearance. Despite not knowing anything about the deportation plans, CNBC just posted this article. In true deceit, CNBC is claiming President Trump’s deportation plans could cost taxpayers half a trillion bucks. [$500,000,000,000]

So NBC once claimed this:


And now say this:


But their only source is one report, from one group, in a claim made 2 years ago.

And the group they cite, is founded by two guys who HATE Trump.



CNBC cites the source of the American Action Forum, even though the report was literally made in March 2015. LMAO.


CNBC says the  “center-right policy institute led by former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin” estimates it’d cost $100-300 million to deport all illegal immigrants. Yet Trump has already announced he is seizing thugs, gang-members, crackheads, junkies, drug-dealers, crime bosses, highjackers, rapists, etc .. Trump isn’t going for “mass deportations” like Sec. Kelly told Mexico gov’t officials just very recently.


As we know the Trump administration has told agencies to go ahead and fire up deportations. The media says it’s totally sick to deport immigrants for not doing anything illegal .. but the thing is, coming across the border with no clearance was ILLEGAL! Trump will allow people to re-enter legally though, because he has a good heart. Secretary Kelly told Mexico that there won’t be any mass deportations, just some illegals will be deported if they are randomly caught. Trump says he’s only looking to deport criminals and thugs, but CNBC is fear-mongering so they say Trump’s plan could “deport millions of undocumented U.S. immigrants, the true cost of such an undertaking is coming into sharper focus.” The full deportation policy still needs to be approved congressionally, just like the Trump Wall [currently being extensively, intensely, and beautifully designed]… CNBC threw out a bunch of half-baked, unverified hogwash with the estimates on the cost of deportations — but of course do not t illegal aliens cost us a fortune every year in money.

So despite CNBC’s report, and despite their source, the deportations will not cost that much. Trump is not going to deport everyone, he’s only deporting illegal thugs! SIMPLE!