WOW. Over 300 scientists recently told President Trump that UN’s climate change approach will continue to push for more job-killing policies [inviting in bigger gov’t], despite none of the policies BEING OF PROTECTION NOR DAMAGE to environment [in these top scientists’ opinions].

Of course most of the world’s scientists and experts, by far, believe in global warming. And believe in Obama-like policies. But Trump doesn’t like Obama’s policies, as they SEVERELY CRIPPLE innocent American workers and stifle our economy. Trump has proven one of his major economic nemesis [es] is Obama’s overreaching regulations, as he’s currently undoing Obama’s regulations and targeting many more. Trump is taking out the overregulations just as he vigorously, strongly promised. 

American energy and coal miners getting saved from Obama’s horrid overly-intrusive, encroaching, unconstitutional regulations.

BY FAR & NOT EVEN CLOSE, most of the world’s best scientists and top experts relentlessly say that climate change is true and we are in TOTAL PERIL. President Trump does not believe in climate change, despite the times he has met with their activists.

President Trump has EXTREMELY CRITICIZED President Obama and the Paris climate deal. President Trump has mocked Obama for treating ‘the weather’ as a bigger threat than ISIS…


Trump will speak at a natural gas industry conference in Pennsylvania on Thursday. A Trump spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump has dismissed manmade climate change as a hoax invented by the Chinese and says he will abandon the Paris agreement if elected.

He has vowed to reverse much of the work the administration of President Barack Obama has done to address climate change, including rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a strong supporter of the Paris accord.

DESPITE OVER 300 TOP SCIENTISTS TELLING PRESIDENT TRUMP NOT TO FEAR ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ & DESPITE OUR MAN, THE ‘HEAD DEPLORABLE’ PRESIDENT TRUMP BEING ELECTED —  WE WILL FACE ADVERSARIES AND ENEMIES. Trump is facing so many adversaries and some of Trump’s biggest foes are the pro-environment wackos. These arrogant, left-wing environmentalists are DEMANDING JOBS BE DEMOLISHED AND PREVENTED, marching around for environmental reasons — while slandering POTUS’ name simultaneously. DISRESPECT!

The UN climate agreement is apparently lowering amounts of carbon dioxide, which is very vital for us to live and very vital for our mother earth.