TheRightScoop is a conservative site but they take shots at fellow right-wingers whom they have problems with. TheRightScoop called Hannity a “moron” and said he “inexplicably” pushed a “false report by a known fake news website”.. TheRightScoop claims TGP is a fake news source. Whether you think TGP is reliable, that’s your choice. No matter what site I get news from, I double-check and sometimes have to triple-check the sources cited, to ensure the story is valid. TheRightScoop author then wrote “Here’s the tweet from the dumbass actually wondering if John McCain was a “war criminal” from the cesspool over at Gateway Pundit”


So Hannity retweeted @_Makada_ who called McCain a “globalist war criminal”, Hannity said “Wow if true” about the report that McCain asked Russia for a campaign donation. And he did. Now, it was supposedly sent by accident, but nevertheless he did ask Russia for campaign financial support. WikiLeaks confirmed. So when the author at TheRightScoop claims Hannity is “wondering” whether or not McCain’s a “war criminal” — he is stretching it, by a lot. And plus, there are many reports that say McCain is a war criminal. It cannot be confirmed nor denied. Many veterans say McCain committed treason in Vietnam. That’s for you to decide. Not me. Not Hannity. And not this jokester at TheRightScoop.


To check out this ridiculous report at TheRightScoop [posted by some senile author] click here.

TheRightScoop author kept talking sh*t and labeled Hannity a ‘moran’ instead of a ‘moron’ .. shows who the true dumbass is, huh?


It’s never good calling someone else an idiot, when you’re proving yourself to be one at the same time.

The article continued saying that Hannity complains about mainstream media pushing fake news all the time, and then calls out Hannity for complaining about fake news and then posting fake news by saying Hannity’s a “a NEWS MEDIA GUY. This is HIS JOB.”

Well, Hannity actually admits he is biased — unlike liberal hacks in the MSM.

TheRightScoop author, who can’t spell ‘moron’ for his life, then insulted Hannity and his viewers:

“It’s unbelievable that such a complete ass is still trusted by his idiot audience.”

The article finished by saying “Apparently it’s OK to spread absolute crap because it’s just Twitter. But what else can we expect from an absolute crap Fox News host.”

OKAY, so for one .. the document reported by TGP is true, Russia and McCain’s colleagues agreed that the funding request was sent by accident back in 2008. Yet TheRightScoop doesn’t mention that it’s actually real. TheRightScoop then calls out Hannity for mentioning McCain could be a ‘war criminal’ .. Hannity did not say McCain was, he was just retweeting a user who happened to say that with the article on Twitter. Calm down, kid. And Hannity is admittedly biased, so it’s not surprising to see him retweet a post showing McCain’s Russia hypocrisy.

Read the McCain requests for funding here. And in the article click the links, and you’ll see they lead you to WikiLeaks website — proving the documents are true!

RedState also lied and said Hannity is spreading fake news, when the report by TGP is totally accurate. TGP has the WikiLeaks sources attached to back up his report.