Rolling in off of President Trump’s powerful CPAC speech, Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassan marched into the venue and totally owned the liberal media! Raheem used to be a close aide for UKIP leader [aka #Brexit pioneer] Nigel Farage.

Raheem is an ex-Muslim and he told the crowd he was “born into a Muslim family.”Raheem then said he is now “a conservative, a proud Englishman, and a robust Americaphile”

He then mentioned that some people will ask if he does the Hajj [like Muslims do] every year. To which he responds “yeah, I make the pilgrimage every year to the Gaylord National Convention center” for CPAC. That got a nice, vivacious eruption from the audience.

Raheem then attacked the dishonest liberal media. The CPAC crowd then began to boo them for their anti-conservative outlook. He said that the media refuses to cover the “no-go zones” in Sweden. The “no-go zones” are Sharia Law areas illegally set up by radical migrants.

“You guys in the back, you just don’t get it. You don’t go there. You don’t see what’s going on. Get your heads out of your rears!”

-Raheem Kassan, stating it to the liberal media

Before introducing his former boss & good friend Nigel Farage, he touted how Farage is a mentor and father figure to him. Raheem Kassam then said that Farage has survived “cancer, a car crash, a plane crash” .. “[and survived] BBC, CNN, and the European parliament” to the crowd’s laughter.

“He [Farage] has survived cancer. He has survived a car crash. He has survived a plane crash. He has survived the BBC, CNN, the establishment [and] the European Parliament!”-Raheem Kassan

Yes it’s true, Farage literally almost got killed in a plane crash and a car crash.

Kassam then introduced “Mr. Brexit” his former boss & good friend Nigel Farage. Farage got a WILD APPLAUSE. It was a standing ovation, and the energy was still there despite President Trump’s speech just coming before.

Farage noted that before President Trump’s monumental upset, “the beginning of a global political revolution” #Brexit occurred! The Brexit pioneer Nigel Farage then said said he’s been fighting against the EU’s control over the UK for 20 years. And he finally won, with his fellow Brexiteers.

Watch the full Farage speech here. CPAC 2017 has been a tremendous success!