Old story, this took place last year.

Amherst High School volleyball is a team of pretentious, comfortable, privileged students .. and I would not shame them for being so if they didn’t decide to diss the nat’l anthem.

Liberal brainwashing!

It’s sad to see the media glorify kneeling during the anthem & sad to see white kids become SJWs. SJWs are not just in college but in high school now.

They knelt because of black people getting shot by white cops. Even though it is justified because the black person is pointing a weapon at / or assaulting the white cop. I guess they’d remain standing if the white cop let the black thug kill him.

Back in October we wrote about a young woman named Megan Rice, who attracted headlines because she was the only member of the Amherst High School volleyball team that stands for the National Anthem. The rest are all oppressed and don’t have it in them to stand:

16 YO black teen shot dead as tried to steal JORDANS.jpg

Well her story caught the attention of ESPN, and they did a story on her here. Megan’s Dad is a cop and her grandfather is a veteran. So she chose to honor them, rather than do the new trendy thing that all her friends were doing. This part tells you everything you need to know about what is wrong with the atmosphere that social justice warriors are creating:

“The team’s idea to start kneeling during the anthem began at a sleepover earlier in the season, one that Rice couldn’t attend. But she said she came to the decision to remain standing easily.

“I definitely thought about it a lot,” Rice said, “but I never thought that I would kneel.”

That doesn’t mean she wasn’t worried about how some of her teammates might react.

“At first I was kind of nervous, like, ’Oh my god, what are my teammates going to think?’” Rice said. “They’re really passionate about this, and I respect them for that, because they all are passionate about the issues they believe in.”

She was nervous to stand for the National Anthem. That’s all you need to know. This is the type of political climate that Colin Kaepernick has created for high school kids. The poor girl has to worry about being ostracized because she’s showing respect for her country, its veterans, and its law enforcement officials.


And understandably so. Social justice warriors have shown us time and time again that they will not tolerate differing opinions. She’s living in the most backwards town in Massachusetts. A place where people will look down on her and call her racist for not kneeling during the Anthem.

Her friends on the team did end up sticking by her decision:

“I was fine with it. It isn’t a knock toward her, we don’t hate her because of it,” teammate Teya Nolan said. “We respect her, and we feel that just because she didn’t kneel doesn’t mean that she doesn’t support what we’re doing.”

But why should she even be in the position where she needs her teammates approval to stand for the National Anthem? Did any of these kids think about how their teammate might feel about this? Her Dad is a cop. They know this. And they’re protesting the institution of the police. Did they ever think that this might be hurtful to her? Because this team is almost all white kids. None of them know the first thing about racism or oppression. But they do know that their friend’s father is likely to be offended by their actions. And they did it anyway, because their desire for attention was more important than team unity.

Even the coach said she was worried that her teammates were isolating her:

“Coach Kacey Schmitt, who also didn’t participate in the anthem protest, said she initially felt concerned that Rice would feel isolated from the team.”

Anyway, the team ended up going 20-0 this season and she was one of their best players. It’s just sad that these brainwashed teenagers have created this toxic environment where it takes an act of bravery from a high school kid to show respect for her country. They all have the right to do it, no one is gonna debate that. But the people doing it obviously have never once thought about what Megan Rice’s father does on a daily basis to put his life on the line to protect them. He’s just another Nazi with a badge killing innocent black people, and the only way to cure this is to participate in a SJW viral trend that a dumbass Castro-supporting backup quarterback started doing for attention.

ThinkProgress noted that Amherst volleyball is following the ‘Kaepernick movement’






Wait, wait. This woman reports sports? Has she ever even played a sport? I wonder if she can even walk to the fridge without gasping for air?

I’m serious! Lmao!