Project Veritas’ leader James O’Keefe has exposed the Democrats in major ways. But now he’s going for CNN and he just DUMPED one-hundred-and-nineteen hours of unedited CNN audio, secretly recorded in their HQ.

The audio is from 2009, so it is dated.

So far, there’s A FEW MAJOR BOMBSHELLS from what we know, but O’Keefe is calling on the public to listen to the audio themselves & find whatever they can.


In one of the clips O’Keefe featured in a tease for all the audio, Richard Griffiths, who is now CNN’s vice president and senior editorial director, is heard describing his philosophy on journalism.

“Aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. To a degree, right?” Griffiths says, citing a common journalism trope. “Is that not part of the traditional role of a journalist? It’s actually one of the things I can be most proud of as a journalist.”

“Aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” ? Hmmm… So CNN decided who is afflicted and who is comfy? And whoever is comfy, and [or] minding their own business than CNN is going to attack them savagely. Disgusting journalism.

Veritas, the admitted muckraker, is raking muck on the most anti-Trump network out there. CNN. Here’s some more explosive audio Veritas found:



Overall the CNN leaks had more fizzle than flare, but #CNNleaks did at least find the ‘afflict the comfortable’ rhetoric, and the fact they have bought fake retweets/followers to make them seem more legitimate. Those were good leaks, but the rest of the audio — so far — has not revealed much. Nevertheless, President Trump reportedly congratulated Veritas on the leak.

The #CNNleaks may have only discovered a couple juicy snippets of audio, but we know CNN is a joke of a news network anyways. Remember when they faked an interview with their own employee?!