Jackie Evancho, who sung fabulously at the Inauguration, is now requesting a sit-down conversation with President Trump.

Jackie’s sister is transgender. And she is not happy about President Trump’s choice to wipe out Obama’s trans students bathroom policy.

Holy f**k. Her ‘sister’ [or formerly brother] looks like a legit chick. I def would not bang, LMAO, but still. Oh. And last month, ABC did a report about Jackie’s preparation for Inauguration, while her ‘sister’ prepared for gender confirmation surgery. Uhhh… Kinda gross.

Jackie Evancho went on CNN yesterday, with her brother/[uhh, I mean sister].

The 16-year-old singer appeared on Good Morning America Thursday morning, and said that she wants to have a meeting with President Trump so she can ‘enlighten’ him on the discrimination people like her sister Juliet deal with on a daily basis.
Juliet is transgender, and to drive her point home Jackie brought along the 18-year-old so she could speak firsthand about her experiences in school, and the importance of protections for transgender students.
She spoke about how she has ‘had things thrown at [her]’ and been called ‘horrible things’ by fellow students ever since she came out as transgender.
‘Donald Trump needs to know that being in such an unsafe environment won’t do any good,’ explained Juliet, who was named Jacob at birth.
‘Not only for the transgender and LGBT community, but everyone as a whole.’


No word back on any type of meeting. Many celebrities, along with the far left, are outraged as POTUS as usual.

ChicksOnTheRight made this point in their article:

“So no, Jackie. Just because your sister/brother is transgender does NOT mean that you get to be the moral arbiter of everything that the federal government does about gender. In fact, what is the federal government doing mandating bathroom policies, anyway?”