Due to liberals complaining about how ‘kids of color’ and ‘undocumented children’ may be afraid of policemen, the police dept. cancelled their weekly ‘High Five’ day.

Northampton Police Department in Massachusetts are no longer going to be high-fiving children once a week at a local elementary school.

The dept. explained the halt in the ‘high-five’ day program. Here’s what they said on Facebook:

Chief Kasper was invited to attend a school committee meeting to explain the program and to field questions. During that meeting, a concern was raised that not all kids may feel comfortable with a police presence at the beginning of their school day. Others questioned the long-term impacts of the program and wondered if it was truly valuable. Shortly after the meeting, NPD was asked to pause the program, which we did.

And then the post goes on, but this is where it makes me livid:

Chief Kasper was then invited to attend a follow-up meeting with members of the public to discuss High Five Fridays. About 12-15 people attended the meeting. Concerns were shared that some kids might respond negatively to a group of uniformed officers at their school. People were specifically concerned about kids of color, undocumented children, or any children who may have had negative experiences with the police. After the meeting, Chief Kasper and Superintendent Provost spoke and decided to stop the High Five Friday

You can read full post by the department here.

Their local news station reported on this. To see it, click here.

You may notice one part of the police dept’s explanation said “Others questioned the long-term impacts of the program and wondered if it was truly valuable”

Well, the ‘long-term impacts’ are children knowing that police officers care about them and want to be a positive, friendly, integral part of the community. And it’s ‘truly valuable’ because some kids may not have a very warm household, or a household that teaches good morals, so seeing police and knowing they’re nice people is a good way to excite a kid and potentially look to police as role models.

Turtleboy Sports made an excellent point:





By the way, the police chief of Northampton looks like this:


Not surprised to see the program end. They’ve got an SJW in charge of the department.