Richard Spencer, white nationalist and alt-right figure, has been overly-demonized by all parts of the political spectrum. Richard Spencer is a peaceful protester. Whether you like his views or not, he does not attack anyone nor get violent. THE LEFTISTS have a problem with the violence.

That’s a radical, unhinged, barbaric LIBERAL who punched Spencer for no legitimate reason. The NY Times flirted with the sentiment that it’s kinda okay to assault a ‘neo-nazi’ even if he is peaceful. Now imagine if a Black Panther or some anti-white Pro-Hispanic activist got assaulted for their viewpoints, it would be condemned. But since Spencer is white, it’s okay to punch him despite his peacefulness. White people are allowed to be abused, the media is fine with it. And white people take it like little b*tches these days! Spencer says he’s not a Nazi. He said he’s an alt-right member which he calls “identity politics for white Americans and for Europeans around the world” .. The NY Times then asked how that is different from Nazism .. SERIOUSLY. The NY Times thinks blacks can have their pride, Hispanics can also, Asians can be racially prideful also .. but if whites want to be prideful in their European roots — it’s basically Nazism. Why are whites not allowed to be prideful in their race, yet every other race is?
Image result for Black and proud chinese and proude white and PROUD RACIST
Why are white countries the only countries diversifying — while Asian countries, black countries, and Hispanic countries maintain their ethnic/race? RIDICULOUS LIBERAL BIAS seeps through from The NY TIMES [along with MSM] once again. Despite Spencer saying he is not a Nazi, he’s been caught doing Nazi salutes — even though he claims it was in irony … to mock the people who say he is a Nazi.

This girl also was brutally assaulted by two racist black chicks, just because she is a Trump supporter. This guy was attacked by racist black thugs because of Trump’s win. And we remember the white handicapped kid who got kidnapped and tortured by black thugs for Trump’s victory.

NBC News claims that Richard Spencer uses ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ rhetoric just because he believes that white people should have their own ethnostate, like blacks and Hispanics and Asians do. Spencer calls for the white ethnostate to be put up somewhere and be done peacefully without violence. Spencer really got into trouble with the “hail Trump” + salutes he did at a D.C. conference. Trump eventually got hammered over it so much that he disavowed it.

Richard Spencer purchased a ticket and held a peaceful press conference at CPAC .. until some cuckservative flipped his lid.

CPAC spokesman Ian Walters said Spencer purchased his ticket and that his money had been refunded. Walter called Spencer’s views “repugnant.”

When are cucks like Ian Walters going to stand up and say ‘LISTEN NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN and THE REST OF YOU MAINSTREAM OUTLETS. I KNOW THERE’S A TINY SLIVER OF WHITE NATIONALIST TROLLS WHO POST MEAN STUFF ON THE INTERNET, AND SUPPORT TRUMP. BUT AT LEAST THEY’RE NOT SETTING FIRES, ASSAULTING INNOCENTS, DESTROYING PROPERTIES, & INCITING VICIOUS, VIOLENT RIOTS’ .. The media continues to falsely link ‘white nationalism’ with POTUS Trump, just to fear-monger. And the media sometimes FALSELY claims it’s ‘white supremacism’ and not ‘white nationalism’ ..

Olivia Nuzzi, far-left hack, claims she saw Richard Spencer being escorted off — but it’s up to you whether you trust her.


So she claims she saw Spencer being taken out, and I guess she did .. I don’t see a reason to lie about this.. but she is a leftist so trust what you feel like you can from her. She’s hugely biased.

See, in this pic below, you see she retweeted the sentiment that CNN saying they “aid the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” is not scandalous. It’s an old journalist saying but only heavily-biased journalists live up to it, by misreporting stories and distorting facts to attack the “comfortable” .. That just shows you how much Nuzzi does not care for bipartisan reporting.