A RECENT POLL has just been released, showing that Americans turn off awards shows when self-righteous liberals start political dialogue!


BUT EARLIER TONIGHT in the UK, idiotic liberal Katy Perry [overrated, in all honesty] did a stupid performance — mocking British PM May and POTUS Trump.

This ugly, goofy, immature, retarded-looking performance was at 2017 BRIT Awards tonight.

The whole ‘performance’ is just so discombulated and weird, that I’m honestly embarrassed that people actually watched this.. It’s such a dumb and quirky performance, that I’m going to let you read a report.


Pop star Katy Perry used giant skeletons to skewer President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May during her performance Wednesday night at the 2017 Brit Awards.

Surrounded on-stage by rows of miniature houses, Perry performed her “purposeful” pop song “Chained to the Rhythm.” She was soon singing and dancing alongside two giant skeletons, donning outfits similar to ones worn by Trump and May when the Conservative Party leader visited the White House last month.

Social media users were quick to post pictures of the singer’s onstage parodies of the two political leaders.





ohh yeah, you really got em Katy. “CLEVER” just like that one @kathyburke said on twitter. just hilarious, like that one twitter user @LewinsNatalie said, with the crying face emoji.. So funny, I cannot believe they got the idea to mock President Trump. It takes so much courage to mock Pres. Trump, because the Hollywood left just loves Trump, and for Katy to show courage and be “clever” at #BRITs2017 and show the world her thoughts about Trump is amazing.