Pro-Hillary NY Times Is Mad That Pro-Trump TGP Got Press Creds.

Jim Hoft of TGP was alerted he would get press creds back before Trump was inaugurated, and he finally got the press creds sometime back. TGP has been reporting at The White House for sometime now.

As we know, the NY Times is totally discredited. It was exposed after LEAKED EMAILS showed that they let Hillary edit stories, to make herself look good.


Back in January, Jim Hoft of TGP announced he’d be reporting from The White House, really soon. The media did not like that!

Well, TGP was right & now they’re asking all sorts of questions while the liberal media simmers with anger!

NY Times is truly a struggling newspaper. Just like CNN, they’ve been exposed. I’m nearly convinced only far-left loons read NYT anymore. I know for certain that conservatives quit reading their garbage years ago! The NYT used to be a well-respected, globally-loved newspaper. And I guess some people still love it but so many of us have realized it’s nothing but a liberal rag & willing to put out false stuff for an agenda. The NYT revealed themselves as true racists just a few days ago, claiming young black and Hispanic kids are not very smart — especially at math.

NY Times, despite claiming to be a fair outlet, got caught calling Melania a hooker. The NYT also got exposed for the insensitive jerks they are after making light of some young people’s deaths after the Ireland balcony collapse. WashPo may report falsely sometimes, but not anywhere as much as NYT does!

So in the NYT article they claimed TGP spread fake news [referenced TGP articles about Hillary’s health as one example]. They mentioned Hoft’s tweet about “tossing migrants” The NYT then said they asked TGP’s White House correspondent about the job so far and he said that TGP will “be reporting far more fairly than a lot of the very left-wing outlets that are currently occupying the briefing room” .. BOOM!

NY Times mentioned how Trump is answering to The Daily Caller in pressers and sometimes ignoring MSM. Seems like NY Times is jealous. NY Times then mentioned that Hoft tweeted out #Pepe and NYT said it represents WHITE SUPREMACY for some people. The NYT is totally triggered.

It’s not just sick that NY Times suggested TGP spread false rumors. When that’s all that the MSM has been doing. The MSM said Hillary would steamroll Trump, didn’t happen. The MSM said Trump never had a chance in hell! It is sick that NYT is secretly racist as hell & thinks black+Hispanic kids are dumb. Oh, and the New York Times also made fun of the balcony tragedy in Ireland. It was seriously distasteful. The NYT has done many distasteful things though The NYT once called President Trump ‘the comeback king’ for his brilliance, hard-work, and dedication that he displayed when he INDEPENDENTLY returned from massive, major, gigantic financial troubles .. that was back when NYT spoke fairly about people mostly. And I’m sure NYT had some bad articles on Trump, taking shots at him over something back in the 80s and 90s, but at least you knew NYT was telling it like they thought.



These days NYT is totally funded by leftists and the journalism is terrible!

The NYT said 95% chance Hillary would be POTUS, then they tweaked it to 93%. And then they were proven COMPLETELY WRONG!


NYT isn’t the only liberal media outlet that is totally infuriated with an alternative news source, conservative site TGP, getting press creds. MediaMatters is not happy about it either.



MediaMatters claims TGP is a major spreader of ‘fake news’ .. meanwhile,MediaMatters is getting funded by Soros [so you know what MediaMatters stands for] and MM got caught dishonestly editing. CHECK IT OUT: []

The NYT seems to be upset about TGP being ‘pro-Trump’ as they reference it in their headline, like it’s a bad thing. NY Times is openly PRO-HILLARY and they’re not ashamed to FLATOUT LIE for HillDog. I mean the NYT along with the rest of MSM outlets claims Trump hates immigrants & hates women & hates LGBT [Jim Hoft is a gay conservative, by the way] and the NYT ran fake stories about the groping stuff. They somehow convinced one of President Trump’s hot ex-girlfriends to sit down and talk with their vitriolic ‘news’ organization, and when she kindly agreed to chat — they TOTALLY DISTORTED her statements. The NYT is just a vitriolic, hateful, left-wing outlet with lost credibility. If you still trust the NYT like you trust a beer on a Friday afternoon, then you’re deluded! Snap out of the matrix!