“We need a Donald Trump more than we’ve ever needed anybody since George Washington”

-Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight is a straightforward guy who doesn’t give a sh*t. And a winner. Yeah, he’s got a lot of haters. And a lot of people who claim he is a bully. But he’s a winner. That’s all that matters.


Winners recognize winners and leaders recognize leaders. To be a winner, you must be a leader. To be a leader, you must be a winner. Not all leaders like other leaders, not all winners like other winners. But they respect them. That’s all that matters.


In the past we saw political candidates, mostly conservatives, cave when attacked for saying something that offended a snowflake somewhere. Trump did not apologize for stating his opinion. When Trump is wrong, he usually APOLOGIZES but not if he did nothing wrong. Just because someone’s opinion is anti-PC and offends you, doesn’t mean they have to apologize to you or coddle you.

That’s leadership. Leadership in the face of tremendous adversity.

Look at the world and the wars. Wars caused by deeply-Satanic, and blatantly corrupt, powerful officials. You see poverty in America and it gets even worse around the world. We see mental illnesses becoming more & more common, we see people more depressed than ever. Despite being in the easiest time humanity’s ever had, people are more unhappy.

Political correctness is one thing that dehumanizes us. When you have ‘trigger warnings’ to prevent someone from instinctively talking, that’s domestication right there.


Read this to get a good outlook on why Trump was necessary to elect!

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We needed a bold leader, with balls of steel, to say “F**K YOU” and your weak, soft, unpassionate rhetoric. A leader who is a trailblazer and shows the way, not so you can always follow — but so you can learn to be a leader yourself.

Donald Trump came out in June 2015 and got mocked.


Trump is imperfect and we all are, but he still went forth and put his entire business, brand, name, and family on the line. And due to his balls, due to his ‘never give up’ attitude, he took down the entire establishment & shocked the world.


So if you are still telling yourself that there is NO WAY you can pass a test, or get into college, or drop 50 pounds, or overcome something — then you need a slap in the face.

A lion isn’t always beloved, but it is always respected, even feared.”

Feminism, identity politics, white guilt, Social Justice ideology, PC culture, ‘woman empowerment’ bullsh*t among other things has weakened our younger generations. Younger people are more focused on looking like the talentless rappers on the TV screen, and would rather be loved than respected. Younger people would rather have 10 Lamborghinis and 16 gold chains and designer clothing than be a smart, experienced man. It’s sad that people want to be seen as winners by others, instead of being an actual winner.

A winner leaves behind something that helps the world & society, and will benefit the next generation. Our ancestors have spilt blood and worked hard, and built western civilization and technology and did all of these amazing things. And while we still have great people accomplishing massive things, a large majority is braindead and depressed and caught in the matrix. Too many people are hell-bent on leaving behind Instagram pics of themselves that look cool, instead of leaving behind an invention or discovery that changes mankind. If our ancestors gave a damn about social media opinions, do you think they would have built such amazing things? Doubt it.


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“There are people who are defined for a moment in our great American history.

George Washington was made for the American Revolution..

Abraham Lincoln was made for the Civil War..

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was made for the Civil Rights Movement..

Ronald Reagan was made to win the Cold War..

And I believe that Donald J. Trump was made for this moment of turmoil here in the United States.”

-Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke said that in this speech. EPIC!

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Clarke knows POTUS is a real leader.

Lions face the opinion of sheep, lions face tough times, lions face mega challenges… Just as everyone else does. But what does the lion do in the face of challenges? The lion takes down the challenge how he sees fit and never gives up, as the lion knows his message is true. A sheep would cave to the opinion of other sheep, a sheep would face a tough time and cave in due to lack of willpower and self-confidence, a sheep would get to a mighty challenge and be too scared to even attempt it. Lions are rare but lions are the ones we see fix things, invent things, and lions are the ones throughout history with a true impact.


While discussing a book he coauthored with Robert Kiyosaki, Trump was asked if he was afraid of failing.

“I’m not afraid of failing. Ya know, life .. You look and you turn on the newscasts every night and you see thousands of people killed in earthquakes, and tsunamis, and hurricanes and all of the problems. And wars, and wars we shouldn’t even be in. And you see lots of different things and you see all of the problems in the world, WHAT IS THERE TO BE AFRAID OF? It doesn’t matter, ya know to a certain extent it all doesn’t matter. And I tell people that because it takes pressure off. If it matters too much, they’re gonna be like basket-cases.”

That statement is a good idea of how President Trump has thought his whole life. And it’s a good indicator of how to succeed. If you worry and get frightened, you will not be able to accomplish much.

President Trump has been a battering-ram to PC, to the regular rulebook, to the brainwashers in the media. He isn’t perfect and he has his faults but he is persistent, a true leader, an optimist, and an original. We don’t see many originals anymore, because people want to be like this celebrity or that actress or that singer or that thug rapper. No one wants to be themselves, but in a day and age of non-leadership and effeminate men .. Trump was a big, long, brutal sword that sliced straight through the PC guidelines. Trump, despite what people said. Despite being mocked, as this video shows perfectly.

Despite being told he can’t do it, time-and-time again he did it.

Now sure, he’s got a few promises that he may have broken and he may not achieve everything. But all of the major things they said Trump could not do, he went forward and did.





Still, despite all the times they’ve been proven wrong, the cowardly sheep keep running their mouths. The media, for the most part, keeps saying fatalistic things about Trump. I mean look at this, you had the weakest candidate of all time Jeb Bush go on Twitter and sheepishly mock Trump’s border wall .. just days ago. Has he not learned his lesson?

You will have people attack you for who you are no matter who you are. The HuffPo, and other ‘news sources’, go off on Trump for being a no-nonsense, straightforward, brash businessman / leader.

A lot of leaders in the West are appalled that Donald Trump, whom they see as a demagogue, bully and know-nothing, has a shot at becoming president of the United States.

[source: HuffPo article]

See, HuffPo calls Trump a ‘bully’ yet they say he’s a ‘know-nothing’ in the same statement. Hypocritical. HuffPo also saying he is a ‘know-nothing’ is truly wrong. Just like other liberal outlets saying Trump is a reality star and nothing more, when in fact he is a massively-successful businessman. A businessman that faced deficits and challenges but did not roll over to them. A guy who, whatever your opinion is of him, is very successful and took what he inherited and turned it into something MORE BIGGER, BEAUTIFUL, & BETTER than anything his dad could have imagined. Most rich kids are born and are spoiled and turn into mentally-ill clusterf**ks. Trump may have been born into a comfy situation but he didn’t screw up like most do.

I’m convinced that other dictators in the former Soviet Union, many of whom chafe over the American government’s attacks on their corruption, nepotism and human-rights violations, feel the same way as Putin, though they aren’t expressing it publicly, as he does.

It’s funny that HuffPo claims Russia is against human rights. Sure, Russia has done bad things but so have we. Hillary is a legitimate monster, when it comes to human rights — along with Obama. Trump, on the other hand, thinks war is generally dumb. Of course you need it to defend but Trump thinks the Iraq War was unnecessary.


The point is, despite opinions of others and despite doubters and despite not being liked by all .. a leader is a leader. A leader goes against the grain. A leader stands up for his values and beliefs, not someone else’s. And we finally have a true leader in the Oval Office. Donald J. Trump.