We have seen literally countless times when public schools have taught our children to hate President Trump. It’s sick!

A 6th grade English teacher at a school in Staten Island, New York is pushing anti-Trump propaganda on her young, impressionable students via politicizing the worksheets they use in her class.

You would think a school teacher, doesn’t matter if Dem or Repub, would show RESPECT for students and their families’ political viewpoints — therefore not push defenseless 6th-graders around, brainwashing them to be Trump-hating zombies.

The correct words for the blanks about Donald Trump were meant to be filled with 'haughty' and 'humble'. Ungro told his daughter not to complete the sentences and wrote to the teacher instead

Yes that is one of many. That’s only one anti-Trump sentence she put in the assignment.



Visit PATHEOS to read the full report on the unhinged, leftist teacher .. who IMMATURELY turned a homework assignment into a full-scale propaganda piece.

The teacher IMMATURELY PUSHED her own personal viewpoint onto 6th graders. The assignment obviously shows a strong bias to the left-wing.  The most outrageous thing is the teacher took 15 points off this guy’s daughter’s assignment for not completing the anti-Trump statement. The teacher’s anti-Trump statements on the assignment are ridiculous. In a statement, that is required to be completed by the student, says Trump should not act superior over Obama because Obama’s black. None of that statement has any validity to it, just because she personally thinks Trump acts superior over Obama. Just because Trump attacked Obama for his policies, doesn’t mean he hates black people. This teacher is mentally-ill!


The teacher Adria Zawatasky wanted the 6th graders to look at the statements as true, even though they were her own far-left opinions .. Nowhere on the worksheet does it say the statements written are not factual, and instead an opinion of her’s. The New York teacher feels as if President Trump is a “haughty” bully, yet she’s the one using an education system’s position of power to hammer kids into believing Obama is the 2nd coming & Trump is a big, orange meanie.

Vincent Ungero NOTED that he was “stunned” when his 11-year-old daughter brought home the assignment.



“Out of all the sentences in the world that could’ve been used, she slipped in an anti-Trump statement,” Ungero said he decided to to “protect my daughter and protect my president” when asked about this on Fox News [2/17/2017]. Ungero noted he doesn’t blame school, but blames the teacher.

The teacher Adria Zawatsky got “disciplined” for her immature, egregious assignment.

We’ve seen adult teachers, who are supposed to be role models for the youth they teach, act like 5th graders when it comes to their venomous hatred of President Trump. They can’t hope but be unprofessional and trash the leader of the free nation, in front of their students. That’s what’s the WORST thing. Some kids believe their teachers and then think America is bad because a dingbat teacher told them so. This teacher acted like she was SHOOTING President Trump as she yelled “DIE!” & Just “DIE, DIE, DIE!” in her classroom.

This teacher showed his class a video of John Oliver TRASHING Trump back in 2016.  John Oliver is a far-left hack, who acts partisan — therefore weak-minded youth will believe him. AT LEAST ONE parent filed a complaint that their child was made to watch a video that BASHES A Republican Presidential Candidate, during our country’s campaign season. The problem was not that the teacher showed the video, the problem is he did not check to see if any parents were okay if their students watched a BIASED “REPORT” on TRUMP by “trusted media show host” John Oliver. Oliver made all kinds of claims about Trump’s  ‘business deals’ and Trump’s statements [that Oliver, as all libtard media claims, is a lie if Trump said it]. And the video was a bunch of half-baked, “comedic” lampooing of potshots at the GOP candidate. Yet the teacher made his students sit through a video of liberal propaganda — as John Oliver [super-liberal that hates guns, hates Constitution hates guns, Constitution, Christians, conservatives] .. The only political video the teacher taught in the class was that one. A far left pseudo-intellect corporate media hack John Oliver talk down to Trump about ‘lies’ and shady ‘business deals’ that he can’t even prove.


Should the teacher have been fired for showing the video? Probably not. A little overboard. There had to be more to this story. The teacher obviously agreed with John Oliver’s anti-Trump sentiment, and the teacher must have sat there nodding in agreement with all of Oliver’s bigoted statements about Trump and his supporters. The teacher did that or he just said that anyone who votes for Trump is stupid. And I guarantee you, because of one loose-ended, irresponsible comments that the anti-Trump teacher was heard saying — a student went home and told their Trump-supporting parents that his teacher made them watch a far-left propaganda piece where John Oliver mocks Trump for his ancestors changing the name of their lineage. If I had a kid, and he came home and told me his geometry teacher went on  a spiel about how ANYONE WHO VOTES FOR TRUMP IS AN IDIOT .. Then I’d consider sending that teacher an email, & let them have a piece of my mind.

The New Jersey teacher was fired for playing the ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again’ clip .. As we all know, John Oliver and the rest of the LIBERAL MEDIA snoops searched for anything they could clench — to send out to the media airwaves & expose The Donald. But PRESIDENT TRUMP is so clean, so 110% real, so respectful, SO MANLY, and so REAL & SO HUMAN — President Trump is so real, that the worst muck they could rake up against him was the lewd audio tape from OVER A DECADE AGO, where a private mic was unethically recording their private convo. President Trump has build amazing towers, buildings, resorts, etc. POTUS, for the 70 years of his life, has been the essence of the American dream — and as he cuts taxes, and as Trump rewrites all trade deals that hurt our workforce, and as Trump stands up to corporate lobbyists attempting to withdraw mega-factories and plants from being BUILT [and] or KEPT in the U.S.A. And as POTUS Trump speaks on the phone for like half his day [on the jet, on the toilet, on the presidential chair] because he’s discussing with businessmen & businesswomen from all regions of  the world — TRYING TO BRING FACTORIES & PLANTS into black areas of the inner-cities!


ACCORDING TO A MULTITUDE OF VERIFIED SOURCES, the teacher was FORCED TO STEP DOWN due to his bigoted viewpoints being forced on students — without being fair and showing other TV pundits throw potshots at other candidates. The teacher was in FULL VIOLATION of his contract that a public teacher is supposed to stick to. It’s nothing strict, just asks for you to send home SLIPS or PAPERSHEETS or send EMAILS to parents notifying them that you’re showing then a program that talks condescendingly about this. Therefore the parent has the right to prevent their child from having to watch it. Someone who actually supported the teacher’s negligence of public policy, said “GOD FORBID a teacher use a topical and funny skit to get students engaged in a political discussion,” the post said. “It seems like he was just trying to actually educate and involve the kids, which is more than can be said for most teachers.” That’s the thing, it isn’t “TOPICAL” because it’s not a real, partisan news show like Oliver wants you to think. And it’s not “FUNNY” to everyone else, just because it’s funny to you. IF IT ISN’T FACT-BASED, AND IT’S GOT CRUDE SATIRE IN IT, THEN IT MAY BE FUNNY TO SOME — BUT IT WON’T BE FUNNY TO ALL. [click here to read more about the New Jersey teacher who got fired for showing a classroom of students the vitriolic and dishonest video about Trump].



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