leaderNBC is now executing a video series called “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children” ..



It basically is kids taking Trump’s overall agenda and painting it with a broad brush. Like the media did the full campaign.




SO THE VIDEO STARTS OUT WITH A NICE COMPLIMENT AND SHOWS THAT SOME KIDS ARE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT TRUMP, and then the video goes downhill and turns it into a hit-piece on the President..

Something you’ll notice is that they specifically use kids of all races/ethnicities. The media has always over-hyped the diversity of America. The USA was founded, structuralized, planned out, and built up by white people. The government was founded by white people. But the media makes it out as if America is diversity, and it never was just about white people. Not true. Whites are still majority of America [for now] but the media uses Asians,Hispanics,and blacks to diversify their reports — to make it seem as if we’re a diverse country and that’s what we are always supposed to be. Even though there’s no white country in the world that is not allowed to remain white — HISPANIC COUNTRIES REMAIN HISPANIC, Black countries remain black, Asian countries remain Asian. And then whites are told how ‘intolerant’ we are. It’s a joke. The media is a total indoctrination of falsehoods.idk-.JPG – They automatically want you to feel bad for ‘minority children’ under Trump, even though America treats their race greatly .. and in the countries where those kids’ family came from, they don’t allow white people to massively immigrate. Just propaganda, folks. Anti-white, pro-left propaganda.


An older Mexican girl says “Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean you can build a wall in my country” which may be the dumbest statement of the video.

The little girl lives in America, because obviously ‘her country’ isn’t as good. So now she thinks it’s not America’s right to build a wall on the border. Notice how she claims the wall is going to be built in ‘her country’ when in reality it’s going to be in between the two nations. When you come to America, you get Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month and all of these special enhancements + celebrations for being non-white. But if a white goes to your country, they get no special treatments. Hmmm… Wow.

Then you had some boy say that Trump’s immigration ban is hateful because you shouldn’t hate other countries “based on the actions of a single group or organization” .. Well if that one group represents a majority of the country, then maybe you should hate the country? And the migration ban isn’t hateful, it’s protective.

Of course one kid said Trump shouldn’t demean people who disagree with him.. the funny thing is he doesn’t. He demeans people who try to demean him. He respects people who respects him. We are now taught to lie down and take abuse and learn to like it, so when someone like Trump tells you to screw off after taking a shot at him, weak-minded people perceive him as a bully.



The media takes Trump’s natural energy, fortitude, strength, and powerful personality — and makes it out to be a ‘personality of a bully’ .. when in reality it is a personality of a winner.

One black kid says that he is afraid of him because he thinks he is going to “hurt blacks” .. Like wtf. Nothing these children say make sense, LOL. Just liberal talking points, with a broad leftist perspective on Trump’s policies.

Watch the cancerous videos below.


NBC has another series called “Dear Mr President: Letters from the American People”
Notice how the filter is dark and the lines across the image create a ‘disconnected’ feel to the video. Also notice how NBC uses an unattractive pic of Trump’s face. I’m not saying NBC needed to use a smiling Trump as the thumbnail, but a regular pic would’ve been fair. It’s little things the media does.PROPAGANDA.jpg
.. NBC describes it as a chance to tell Trump your opinion on his approach to “immigration” and “women’s rights” .. as if women aren’t treated better than ever before.