Conservative blogger Matt Drudge of DRUDGE REPORT has been an avid Trump supporter for a really long time. His site DrudgeReport targeted Hillary and the Democrats a lot throughout the campaign.


 TheDailyBeast article referenced recent tweets from Drudge, targeting the Trump administration and Republicans for not staying on target.


Drudge called out the GOP  by saying their a bunch of “Frauds” for not cracking down and doing what they promised.”



Image result for “White House eyeing executive order targeting ‘conflict minerals’ rule… Meanwhile, is Obamacare penalty tax still in place?”

Obamacare is something that the GOP want to kill but they’re choking like usual. The GOP doesn’t even know exactly how to handle Obamacare. Sadly. Trump is trying to get the GOP unified to totally kill it .. but some Republicans are not onboard.


Drudge was a very optimistic supporter of Trump and still is.

President Trump has repeatedly showed his love for the DrudgeReport, and did it throughout the campaign.



“Drudge is a fantastic man.”-Donald Trump

TheDailyBeast called Senator McCain a “war hero” and praised McCain for attacking President Trump. TheDailyBeast said that The White House slammed “War Hero” McCain but didn’t slam Drudge for his criticisms.

Report from TheDailyBeast:

“I think it’s hardly stalling,” he [Spicer] responded mildly to Drudge’s Obamacare kvetching, obviously attempting to placate rather than confront the blogger. “I think it’s a mammoth thing to repeal and replace. I think there’s no question of the president’s commitment to doing this.”

TheDailyBeast says that soon Drudge will lay on more attacks against Trump, because TheDailyBeast thinks Trump is a fraud.


Report from TheDailyBeast:

Political scientist Larry Sabato, director of University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, said Drudge’s dissents are both significant and surprising.

“I’m not shocked by much of anything anymore,” Sabato told The Daily Beast, “but I was shocked by that, because he was so pro-Trump during the campaign.”

While Drudge in the past has been critical of Republicans in Congress for not standing up for conservative ideals or offering effective opposition to President Obama, “this is worse, because it’s not just Congress, he’s going after Trump, too,” Sabato argued. “When he says ‘lots of crazy’ that means one person. I think we all know ‘crazy’ is a synonym for Donald Trump these days.”

Sabato explained the White House’s extraordinary deference toward Drudge this way: “Obviously in Trumpworld he is very significant. He’s not as important as Steve Bannon, but he’s on that same list.

“His fan base and his subscriber base are enormous. Whether you like or dislike the Drudgereport, you can’t ignore it,”


TheDailyBeast then took shots at DrudgeReport’s visitors and took shots at Trump’s fans. TheDailyBeast says the GOP is not going to retaliate against Drudge because “what he says very quickly works its way into conversations of the Trump cult, and the millions of people who are Trump’s base and the Republicans who generally follow him.”  TheDailyBeast article then said “it’s not going to be long before it’s obvious” to Trump’s supporters that things aren’t going right. 


So DRUDGE had like 2 or 3 criticisms of Trump’s first month .. and TheDailyBeast acted as if DRUDGE hasn’t been positive about anything. TheDailyBeast is just trying to fuel a fire [that’s not there]. I agree with Drudge’s criticisms, but overall Trump is doing great. Not perfect, but great.