“The story of my facebook censorship is making its rounds in the U.K. Please pray FB will stop targeting Christians. The Bible is not hate speech. #ActivistMommy #freespeech

-The Activist Mommy [woman banned from Facebook for Bible verses on homosexuality]

Facebook is a private company so they can ban who they want. I once got my account suspended for commenting  “Trump is going to DEPORT YOU” in response to an article about celebrities who changed their mind on moving out of America.

But now Facebook is causing some outrage over banning a popular Christian blogger, after posting Bible verses that condemn gay relationships.

She posted that after finally being unbanned.



Despite neocons and CUCKservatives’ meeting with Zuckerberg, it’s obvious Facebook is about the progressive agenda. Which is fine. Facebook is a great invention and a great platform to connect with people. So us conservatives really should not complain if we get booted off of it. It’s a private site and they can kick us off if they want. But it does seem petty to ban a woman over Bible verses.