LAST NIGHT, a leftist organizer went on Tucker Carlson Tonight & totally lost her mind.

Sunsara Taylor is an organizer for ‘Refuse Fascism’

Sunsara went on a sensationalizing tirade as she said “Humanity is facing an emergency” as a “fascist regime has seized reigns of power” ..

She then said POTUS Trump & VP Pence are getting all of their directions from Hitler himself. LOL.

“Trump & Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook, only they have nuclear weapons!”

-Refuse Fascism leader Sunsara Taylor

And yes, Sunsara eventually went full libtard .. she proclaimed President Trump is now officially “more dangerous” than Nazi Chancellor Adolf Hitler [killed 6mil-11 million people]

The far-left just gets loonier & loonier!

Sunsara is fearmongering about Trump and his nukes. For one thing, President Trump could only fire off a nuke IF our homeland was getting attacked [by a large military attack, or nuclear weapons]. President Trump could then select a military strategy/tactic that’s available. Trump couldn’t circle a region on a map and then say NUKE THERE., it’s not that simple. Trump would have to use a U.S. military-designed strategy when it comes to nuking. Trump will never launch off a nuke, I can assure you that. No one is stupid enough to SERIOUSLY ATTACK our homeland ON A MASSIVE MILITARY FRONT. An ISIS attack on a nightclub is sad, but not a MASSIVE MAJOR DOMESTIC THREAT that immediately endangers our entire country. The 9/11 attacks, where external threats bypassed our domestic security and waged an aerial assault on our civilians — that would have been a good time to consider nuclear retaliation. If North Korea ever sent out jets to bomb our homeland or if North Korea sparked off a nuke [North Korea is a paper-tiger, don’t worry] at us, then that’d be a time to use a nuke in retaliation. Trump won’t ever attempt to launch a nuke UNLESS the U.S.A. is being attacked in a major way.
Libtards always use Godwin’s law. As Gavin McGinnes mockingly said  “he’s Literally Hitler!”

Even the HuffPo made a good point about why comparing Trump & Hitler is total hogwash