Amidst the big time CIA coup taking place against Trump over his attempts to fix Russia-US ties, and amidst a nation where Russia is a massive topic these days — it’s weird that UN Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin would just happen to die while on a trip in the US.

Churkin died yesterday in NYC,  and if he were alive today would have been his 65th birthday. Churkin was the Russia UN ambassador since 2006. Churkin was at the Russian embassy on 67th street in New York City when he suffered from a “Cardiac condition” .. He was then rushed to PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL at 9:30 AM but he was unconcious and in deep trouble.

One of Russia’s ambassadors was killed by a radical Muslim in Turkey in a tragedy a few months back. My prayers are with Churkin and his friends, along with family.

Russia PM Vladimir Putin is very upset over this news that the longtime Russia UN ambassador has died.