Far-left actress Rose McGowan has been in the headlines for lashing out over the dumbest things. She is a hypersensitive liberal that gets triggered quicker than a gun in a western quick-draw gunfight.

Just a week ago, Rose McGowan targeted total strangers on Facebook and cussed them out for being white people with penises. If you’re a white man, you were getting a very vitriolic message from Rose McGowan. PERIOD. She Is MENTALLY SICK! MENTALLY ILL!

Rose McGowan cowardly deleted her comment but it didn’t matter because screenshots live forever. The guy posted it on Instagram.

Sadly, Rose McGowan isn’t really that popular anymore. Well, let’s be honest — she NEVER WAS that popular in the first place. LMAO! LOL. I mean she’s got a verified check on Twitter — but like she can’t even get 100 retweets. That’s pathetic! LMAO.


Only a measly 61 retweets. Rose McGowan needs to nosedive off a cliff. She’s toast.

GotNews said “McGowan is famous for starring in a bunch of TV shows and movies that nobody remembers anymore, that you can see for yourself in a list here.”

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