Before PRESIDENT TRUMP arrived to the venue for his rally in Melbourne, FL [2/18/2017], Diamond & Silk were one of the pre-shows and they hyped up the DEPLORABLES in the crowd.

“ the media, let me just say this.. WE DIDN’T BELIEVE YOU IN THE PRIMARIES, We DIDN’T Believe YOU In The GENERAL ELECTION, and Read My LIPS .. We DON’T Believe YOU Now!”

I love how right after she finishes that statement, the place goes HAYWIRE & ALL THE SIGNS COME UP. It’s GREAT! #TheTrumpEffect

Look at all the ‘BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020’ signs! THAT’S GREAT. Already prepared to reelect President Donald J. Trump! And I love the sign in the middle that says ‘100% BEHIND TRUMP’ .. Great stuff!

Watch DIAMOND & SILK’s full speech, at this link.