David French is a writer for the National Review and current major in the U.S. Army Reserve. He’s also a veteran of the Iraq War, so I do commend him for that!

But the guy, politically, is a total cuckservative!

President Trump has come under attack recently by neocon warmonger Senator McCain. McCain stupidly claims President Trump is basically a ‘dictator’ .. Silly! Cuckservative neocon Jeb Bush also attacked President Trump. He made fun of the POTUS’ plans to construct the TRUMP WALL. And now another neocon idiot David French is running his mouth about POTUS.

In a post for the National Review, David French called out American nationalists [aka Trump fans] for being “Facebook commandos and Twitter SEALs” ..

French then said that “the tough-guy Right” is easy to tell “when you’re dealing with them.” French went onto say, DISGUSTINGLY IN MY OPINION, that these Trump supporters [or as French stupidly labels them “the tough guy Right”] “call you a mealy-mouthed “beta-male”, looking at the liberal elite and beging for love.” if you criticize them.

French also said that the people of the new “tough-guy Right” look at Presudebt Trump as “an “alpha,” and they all want to be one, too.”

OKAY, PAUSE. French is literally saying that if you support President Trump’s masculine, strong, common-sense approach to America’s problems — then you automatically look at Trump as an ‘alpha male’ that you want to be like. Ummm, French. Last time I checked, many Trump supporters don’t even get on Facebook and Twitter — like you supposedly claim they do and act like “Facebook commandos” or “Twitter SEALs” .. Look French, I get what you are saying. THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ‘TOUGH GUYS’ ON THE INTERNET WHO BLOVIATE. Whether it’s politics or online gaming or Reddit forums or trash-talking on social media .. Yeah, THAT’S TRUE. There are “Facebook commandos” or as I call them ‘keyboard warriors’ .. But to sit there and say that there is a big, whopping swarm of Trump supporters who are apart of the [so-called] “tough-guy Right”, I would have to QUESTION YOU STRONGLY on that statement. I know many levelheaded Trump fans who LOVE his fearless, aggressive approach to America’s problems. It shows leadership, strength, confidence, and sends of a ‘BOLD AMERICA’ feel that our country needs. But French, seriously .. to say that the majority of [or half of, or a big chunk of] Trump supporters are people who call political opposition ‘beta-males’ for disagreeing & look up to Trump as the ‘alpha’ is a little farfetched, buddy. I’m sure a few autistic 20 year olds in their parents’ basement may, vicariously, view President Trump as an ‘alpha’ that they subconsciously wanna be — but French, you are going a little off the radar with this post, buddy.



Now, you can read the full article by David French here .. but if you’re a little wacked out by what he’s saying — don’t worry I see why. I get what French is saying, but he’s blowing this way out of proportion. Now, sure .. there are ‘high energy’ Trump fans that spend a lot of time on r/The_Donald .. and they probably put on their brash, tough guy attitude when they’re typing on the Reddit forums. And if that’s a bad thing to you, French, than so be it! If it is then I don’t know why. Just because some guys get on Reddit to have fun supporting President Donald Trump, doesn’t mean it’s the rise of the “tough guy-Right” .. If users of r/The_Donald were trying to be true ‘tough guys’ then they’d be out in the streets battling ANTIFA at college campuses, OKAY? OKAY. So call out the BARBARIC LEFT-WING that’s burning property, viciously assaulting innocent people, and rioting like crazy — don’t call post a full article calling out some people on the internet having fun supporting someone that they see as a role model. President Trump, to people on r/The_Donald and to people going through the motions in life, is obviously a new role model to many people [and I’m not saying that because I know people who view Trump as a role model, I AM SAYING THAT BECAUSE r/The_Donald would not be so damn popular, if Trump didn’t become a bigtime inspiration [and] or role model to these users on Reddit]. SO FRENCH, YOU CAN KEEP WASTING YOUR TIME BY CALLING OUT A FEW PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET ACTING POMPOUS JUST FOR FUN [aka some people on r/The_Donald and some people on Breitbart and some alt-right people and some really fringe conservatives like anonymous, online, secretive, semi-autistic white nationalists that are few-and-far in between] .. or you can focus on bigger issues like ‘REACHING OUT TO SOME RIGHT-WINGERS WHO ARE VEERING AWAY FROM THE NUCLEUS OF TRUE CONSERVATISM’ without mocking them or insulting them, but instead with an understanding of their viewpoints — YET CONVINCING THEM WITH RESPECT & LOGIC ON WHY THEY NEED TO BRING MORE SUBSTANCE TO ARGUMENTS & MAYBE NOT TRY TO BUY INTO EVERY SINGLE WORD THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS. Because then, that’s how you get people on the CONSERVATIVE SIDE of politics that at clearheaded and see what you mean and are not viewing you as a jerk who called them out — but instead see your opinion and why you have it, and then they could POTENTIALLY dial into that & TRY NOT TO AUTOMATICALLY BUY INTO EVERY SINGLE THING POTUS TRUMP says, and instead think for themselves and move forward as they craft their own, unique, principled ideology of conservative issues. So FRENCH, don’t come out mocking people like crazy because all that does is fuel the flames to the ‘tough guy Right’ that you speak of .. But if you come at them with an approachable, respectful, logical, and understanding counterargument — then they will be more willing to learn about what you’ve got to say. Which then leads to great discussion between two subgroups of conservative Americans. And those discussions, which can be difficult to begin, could eventually build a bridge between what you see as the ‘tough guy Right’ and what they see as the ‘weak conservatism’ .. Just saying, FRENCH. I don’t really agree with you that much, I THINK YOU ARE OVERBLOWING THE ‘KEYBOARD WARRIOR’ THING WITH TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Yeah sure there are TRUMP FANS who are ‘keyboard warriors’ but there’s DEMOCRATS who get on Facebook and are ‘keyboard warriors’ as well. Same thing goes with people who trash talk with fans of rival sports teams and etc. So FRENCH, you need to go get a drink and chill out.