On Sunday, Fareed Zakaria went on CNN and began to paint a false picture of President Trump by saying he is getting nothing done. Zakaria came straight for anybody who dared to vote against the media goddess Hillary Clinton.

Yes liberal media has actually brainwashed people to worship Hillary. Click here.

In Trump’s speech a few days ago, he spoke to the American people and reminded them of the promises he’s already kept but reassured them that there’s still work to be done — and he’s going to keep striving to fulfill those goals. Zakaria is obviously living in another reality, because Trump has kept his word to the American people.

Zakaria said “Let’s say you are a Trump voter — the kind you often hear about: an honest, hard-working American who put up with Donald Trump’s unusual behavior because you wanted a President who would stop playing Washington’s political games, bring a businessman’s obsession with action and results, and focus on the economy. How’s that working out for you?”

Zakaria claimed that Trump’s Presidency is a “rocking horse” because there’s a lot of movement but no progress.

Zakaria even wrote an opinion article in The Washington Post, trying to portray Trump’s Presidency as immobile. Zakaria basically says ‘yes, Trump is high-energy and doing what he said he would .. but I swear .. he’s not getting anything done. believe me’

Remember America. REPEAT AFTER ME.

REPEAT AFTER ME. ‘Trump’s hardly done anything’ .. REPEAT AFTER ME. Trust Zakaria. Trump is not cutting taxes . OKAY? Trump is not going to cut the taxes, and he won’t allow you to keep more of the wealth you earn. He won’t cut your taxes. Trust me. Trump is not releasing American energy by deleting government regulations.

Trump’s not preparing the wall to be built, as I type this now. Trump didn’t get Softbank to invest 50 Billion into the US. Trump didn’t stop Carrier from leaving. Remember Trump does not have a ‘magic wand’ .. So trust Obama and Zakaria. Trump didn’t win the election, either. Okay? OKAY?!

If CNN is telling you that President Trump didn’t do anything in the first month, then he hasn’t. CNN doesn’t lie to you.


And if CNN tells you that Russian models urinated on him, then they did. That was not a lie that came from a 4chan prank. Okay? CNN would not lie to you.


Even though President Trump has made TREMENDOUS PROGRESS, as he continues to KEEP PROMISE AFTER PROMISE.

No wonder people don’t watch CNN anymore. Zakaria is a total idiot! It’s as if he doesn’t notice that everything TRUMP said he’d do, he’s done. And he keeps fulfilling his pledges to Americans.

Zakaria then disgustingly called Trump’s Presidency a “freak show” as he continued to lecture down upon Trump voters, with an elitist glare in his eye. TOTALLY DEPRAVED.

Zakaria then ended off by saying Trump’s Presidency has been nothing but a “circus” .. And yet, Trump continues to make CNN look like clowns. Wow, Zakaria. And CNN expects us to believe that they’re bipartisan? Hahaha. Sure.

So ZAKARIA is trying to brainwash you into believing TRUMP has been a failure. Hahaha.

Let’s see if Zakaria is correct or not. Has Trump been fulfilling campaign promises? Or has he been a “rocking horse” and gone nowhere? Let’s see.

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP Promised border security.. and currently the wall is being designed and planned to be built.

Construction is set to start in a few months.

  • Trump promised to save American jobs by pulling out of TPP, and with true guts [as he knew Asian allies wouldn’t be happy] Trump put the American people and withdrew from TPP.
  • Trump promised to bring jobs back and create more jobs, he’s done so with factory deals frm foreign companies and he also has got the Keystone Pipeline and DA Pipeline revved up for construction [which has been stalled for too long].

And Trump plans to use American steel for the pipelines! WINNING!

  • Trump promised to rollback regulations so coal miners can get back to work and he’s already fulfilling those commitments.
  • Trump promised to go after ISIS more aggressively than ever, and with General Mattis as Defense Secretary — well, let’s just say ISIS knows that a NEW SHERIFF is in town.

I know President Trump has fulfilled other promises but those are just a few I can remember from the top of my head. Trump has fulfilled numerous promises in his first month, despite the NEGATIVE MEDIA COVERAGE coming at him from all sides. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #BoycottCNN!

The mainstream media may report with accuracy sometimes, but too many times they distort the report & slant it to a leftist viewpoint. And then sometimes they flat-out lie. I mean MSNBC actually said Hillary didn’t collapse when she totally did. So folks, when you got CNN colluding with Hillary .. all of the major media outlets having private dinners with Hillary .. ABC News’ Martha Raddatz crying because Hillary lost [and she was a debate host, which means she is supposed to be bipartisan] & then Raddatz goes on a spiel about how Tim Kaine’s son is a Marine and Kaine doesn’t trust Trump as his Commander-in-Chief .. but Raddatz totally neglected the fact that Pence’s son is a Marine, and Pence doesn’t trust Hillary as his Commander-in-Chief. Because Raddatz did not want to present you a bipartisan reaction. She wanted to make it seem gloomy that the big, orange, meanie CONSERVATIVE Donald Trump won and not the warmongering Hillary.


Remember when Joy Reid called out Trump for not fighting in the Vietnam War? Saying that means he isn’t a real patriot. Well Joy Reid did not attack Bernie for dodging the draft. And Joy Reid couldn’t attack Hillary, because women have that privilege of not being drafted. Liberal media wackiness.