“It is CIA’s mission to provide the President with the best intelligence possible and to explain the basis for that intelligence.”

-CIA Director Mike Pompeo

The Wall Street Journal claimed that the CIA is intentionally hiding info from President Trump.


The WSJ claims that many intel officials withhold sensitive intel from the President because they fear it will be ‘leaked or compromised’ .. The WSJ’s sources are unidentified ‘current and former officials’ ..

Despite the WSJ’s claims and the liberal media running with it [to try and make Trump look like a goof], the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo has come out and rebuked the WSJ and the media’s hit-pieces [the ones claiming that Trump is throwing a hissy-fit over it, despite no evidence].

“The CIA does not, has not, and will never hide intelligence from the president, period. We are not aware of any instance when that has occurred.”

-CIA Director Mike Pompeo [who was appointed by President Trump]

The CIA and President Trump have been at odds quite a bit. Due to Trump’s respectful questioning of certain Russian reports, rogue members of the CIA have started sabotaging his cabinet by illegally leaking sensitive information.

Despite CIA Director Pompeo’s repudiation of the liberal media’s narrative, outlets like CBS News still claim that ‘The reality is, insiders say, that there has been a “chill” in the information flow. Intelligence sources say the agency is intent on protecting information, and if there are concerns it could be compromised, it will be withheld.’

The liberal media’s fearmongering about President Trump and ‘his connection to Russia’ [lmao, Trump has no link to Russia] has caused for government insiders — especially rogue CIA members [aka traitors to the President] — to sabotage Trump and his administration. Even if it means leaking documents [which appeased the liberal media, in which they used it to get a patriot General Flynn to resign]. Rogue CIA members have been leaking UNPRECENDENTED AMOUNTS of info from the Trump administration to the public. A former CIA officer [who is a Democrat] has come out and said that the CIA is totally out of control with the leaks. The CIA even got busted leaking a fake Russian dossier. The dossier was fully debunked and even the liberal media admitted it was false. Nevertheless, CNN and Buzzfeed circulated it like crazy and got #GoldenShowers to trend, making people believe that Trump is a Russian agent who likes to be urinated on by strippers. And you wonder why Trump calls the media ‘FAKE NEWS’ ?! Hmmm… I can only wonder. Smh!

The liberal media [NY Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS] reported that President Trump threw a temper tantrum and yelled at CIA Director Mike Pompeo [who is a very close friend of the President] .. The media claimed that Trump lashed out at Pompeo over the phone due to his lackluster response to the media’s claims of the CIA withholding info from him. There was no proof that Trump threw a tantrum and yelled at Pompeo, yet the media spreads it as if it’s verified, undebatable, truth. The White House denied the report and said President Trump “did not yell at the CIA Director”

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TOTAL FAKE NEWS IN THE IMAGES ABOVE. CBS News claims Trump yelled at Pompeo with no proof. No indication that Trump would act in such manner. Especially since Trump & Pompeo are friends. The liberal media is #FakeNews!

The ongoing investigation into whether Trump associates coordinated with the Russians remains a concern for some who handle sensitive data. It can be inferred that there is a lack of trust, and because the CIA has had a role in uncovering signs of Russian cyber intrusions, there are also concerns that sensitive information could be shared with adversaries.’

Due to the Trump-Russia false narrative spread by the abusively-biased liberal media, some of the CIA’s members are refusing to share top info with the President [according to the WSJ].

I gotta say, I believe that CIA Director Pompeo is doing anything within his power to totally stop all intel officials from illegally leaking secret documents. And I believe that the CIA Director is doing everything he can to keep all of the CIA members in good relations with the President. But many anonymous CIA members are secretly leaking very vital stuff to the public. So I do believe the WSJ overall. I know the CIA’s central command and top leaders are not withholding info from POTUS. But I do believe that rogue elements of the CIA are not giving the POTUS the info he needs, and I know for a fact rogue elements of the CIA have been corrupted and are leading a silent coup to overthrow President Trump.

The similarities between President JFK’s relationship with the CIA and President Trump’s relationship with the CIA is so identical that it’s scary. I AM SERIOUS. Because we all know what rogue members of the CIA did to JFK .. apparently over Russia [partly].

The CIA may deny many Americans’ belief that some of their members executed JFK, but there’s so much linkage between the intel community and JFK’s death that it’s hard to overlook.

#PrayForTrump. It’s just a matter of time before some wacked-out, rogue CIA member tries to kill the President. I’m dead, freaking, serious. This is not a joke, folks. Our government is truly corrupt. Draining The Swamp was never gonna be easy. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the corrupted establishment insiders are going to pull every last stop to prevent Trump from making the government work for America. And the media is going to help those corrupted, corporate, bought-off, globalist government insiders every step of the way until Trump is impeached [for a phony, fabricated, untrue reason] or killed [in which the CIA & FBI & DOJ will claim it was a lunatic fringe that did it because he didn’t like Trump] .. but if Trump is murdered, we will know better than that. If Trump gets killed [like CNN admittedly wants], we’ll know that evil entities within the government pulled the strings. And there will be a revolt from the American people and there will be a civil war. Just saying. Us Americans, aka the Deplorables .. we’re not asleep anymore. We see the enemy very clearly. And we’re going to take you out! #DrainTheSwamp! #AmericaFirst.


Liberal rag SALON claims Trump is waging ‘his own battle’ against the intel community, even though that’s totally false. All Trump ever did was ask for more proof when it came to Russian discoveries that the CIA reportedly made. And the media took that and made it into a big deal! The CIA, as a whole, is a major cohort of President Trump’s. But there are little pockets of the CIA and rogue elements of the CIA that are doing anything they can to overthrow the POTUS. And they already tried to have him stopped by putting out a dossier with 100% fiction written upon it. And that didn’t work. It almost worked. But it didn’t. THERE ARE CORRUPT MEMBERS WITHIN THE CIA AND THEY’RE TRYING TO SET TRUMP UP AND IMPEACH HIM FOR SOME FALSE REASON .. THERE ARE ROGUE CIA MEMBERS THAT ARE WILLING TO KILL THIS MAN, BECAUSE THEY’RE SO POSSESSED AND PAID OFF BY MEGA-RICH COMPANIES AND DONORS [who don’t like the fact they no longer have control of The White House, because TRUMP is a one man wrecking machine who is not bought off like all the other Presidents were]. This is a totally identical scenario to JFK’s. JFK was respected by the majority of the CIA, and that respect was fully reciprocated. But rogue members of the CIA didn’t like JFK because they felt he abandoned them or didn’t like how his fresh and new foreign policy approach was, so they shot him in the car while he was rolling down the street. TRUTH.

[Read The People’s Pundit Daily report on Trump & Pompeo, here. Very informative!]

So much of the media is discredited and difficult to trust these days. A recent poll came out showing that Americans trust Trump over the media.


No surprise! I’m honestly a little stunned that the margin isn’t wider! #TrumpPence

The NY Observer also reported that intel officials are hiding important info from President Trump, in concurrence with WSJ. Very weird!