Joy Villa triggered liberals & STUNNED The WORLD when she took off an overlaying outfit, to reveal a dazzling dress that said ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ and ‘TRUMP’ on it!


In the midst of liberal Hollywood, Joy Villa showed TREMENDOUS COURAGE and dawned that beautiful Trump dress.

She faced vicious attacks for it, but her ALBUM SCALES SKYROCKETED THROUGH THE ROOF! #TheTrumpEffect is REAL.


Well, after Joy Villa showed the world who’s boss at The Grammy’s, former Pussycat Doll KAYA JONES felt empowered to show the world who she voted for.

Kaya proudly posted that on Valentine’s Day. Despite liberal Hollywood being a cesspool of intolerant celebrities [that bully you if you don’t join their leftist cult], Joy Villa and Kaya Jones are standing up for what they believe in. They know, as millions of other Americans know, that President Donald J. Trump is a true maverick and a great leader. And even if we’re attacked for supporting Trump & #AmericaFirst policies, we don’t waver!

Kaya Jones tweeted that out a few days ago .. showing her with Joy Villa in her glorious Trump dress! SUCH BRAVERY! Kaya also posted some more great tweets. Check ’em out.


Of course, the intolerant/bigoted left attacked her. But it did not seem to faze her!


Kaya Jones is a proud supporter of our U.S. military!  Liberals like Michael Moore may mock our brave troops, but real Americans salute our great Armed Forces.

Well, there’s a few celebrities who support Trump. Will we see more eventually reveal themselves? #CelebsForTrump! Hopefully it becomes a thing! Because liberal Hollywood is brainwashing the youth & it’s truly destructive!