Wow. CNN just can’t get any worse off these days! President Trump owning them around-the-clock. Totally exposed and distrusted.



That moment when your news outlet has to report they got kicked out of Venezuela .. because the Venezuelan people think your ‘fake news’ also. LMAO! Hahaha. CNN is a total dumpster fire. CNN will not be around for much longer. It’s tanking, and tanking very rapidly!

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And NOW, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro kicked CNN out of his country for distorting the truth. According to El Nacion, Venezuelan President Maduro decided to expel CNN due to their publishing of a story involving the alleged fraudulent delivery of Venezuelan passports to one of their embassies in the Iraq. The report was titled “Passports in the Shadow“. Venezuelan President Maduro thinks that CNN is totally distorting the facts. No shocker! Us DEPLORABLES agree! Lmao!


The Venezuelan President said that “CNN tried to manipulate information” and “They cannont manipulate information like that” .. Venezuelan President Maduro also said that “CNN does not need to put its nose in Venezuela.. I want CNN well away from here!” LMAO!


According to my logical senses, CNN President Jeff Zucker has run out of psychotropic drugs and is on red alert suicide watch.

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CNN has totally discredited themselves so much that it’s truly impossible for them to go any lower.

CNN is at the bottom of a cesspool and nothing can save their pathetic network now!