Senator John McCain hates President Trump & his #AmericaFirst policies. At the Munich Security Summit, McCain embarrassed himself and the U.S. by ripping his own President.


And now Senator McCain basically said President Trump is a dictator because he’s fighting liberal media bias! WHAT A JOKE! Watch McCain RIP President Trump in the video below.




Now the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has joined Senator McCain in condemning President Trump’s truthful remarks about liberal media bias. Shame! Not a shock that McCain is aligning himself with Merkel. Merkel is for open-borders & importing demonic Muslims! McCain is as well. I think McCain is a closet liberal! TRUE!

Many other Presidents throughout history have attacked the media for dishonest reporting  [Abraham Lincoln being one of them]. Just because a President attacks the media, DOESN’T MEAN they’re trying to shutdown free speech?! If a President can’t speak out when a media outlet is dishonestly reporting, than that’s an attack on the President’s right to the 1st Amendment!


The media will continue to lie about Trump & protect the Democrats. Due to the media constantly feeding disinformation to the public, it’s hard to disagree with Trump when he claimed that many of the media are enemies of the American people!

The media is flipping sh*t over Trump’s statement. But they were okay with Obama bashing Fox News & ‘right-wing radio’ for 8 years, nonstop! HYPOCRITES!