Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush made an ass of himself yesterday when he mocked President Trump’s plan to BUILD THE WALL on the southern border. Look at what this sick, twisted, wimpish S.O.B. tweeted.

Media has said Trump isn’t a serious candidate, isn’t going to win a state, isn’t going to win 3 states, Trump will never win 7 states, the voters are tired of Trump, Trump’s McCain statement has ruined his campaign, Trump will never be verified as the GOP Nominee, Trump will never win against Hillary, Trump’s audiotape leak is campaign suicide, Trump should drop his candidacy, Trump won’t win, Trump won’t win Texas against Hillary [LMAO!],  Trump will never win these historically-blue states, Trump will never be President, Trump is going to get blown out, Trump won’t win tonight. Reality sets in–


OH. Wait, what?


DOESN’T JEB BUSH [a total failure] UNDERSTAND THAT EVERY-DAMN-THING THE MEDIA SAYS TRUMP WON’T DO, HE DOES IT. Jeb Bush needs to stick his binkie in his mouth and go sit on Daddy Bush’s lap. I heard he misses you. Jebbie! CUCK! CUCK! CUCK!

Jeb Bush is a weakling & no one likes him. Women aren’t attracted to dweebish snobs like creepy Jeb Bush, with his wacky eyeglasses. Jeb sucks! Despite Jeb Bush’s mockery, HS Secretary John Kelly is very optimistic about the FULL CONSTRUCTION OF THE BEAUTIFUL BORDER WALL [that Mexico WILL, WILL, WILL pay for]!