A highly-respected source has reported that Governor Christie is going to be joining the TRUMP CABINET in some position very, very soon! We currently have been alerted that Gov. Christie is telling friends & staff about this epic move! We do not know what position Gov. Christie is planning on taking.

REPORTEDLY, President Trump told Gov. Christie ‘to be patient.’ The highly-trusted source reported that Gov. Christie “will only take something where he is answerable to the president.” 

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Gov. Christies & President Trump have a tremendous friendship and someone with the bullheaded approach like Christie will be a perfect sidekick to have in The White House!

“Can you imagine the whiplash .. the whiplash that America’s enemies are gonna feel when we go from a weakling like Barack Obama to a man of strength like Donald Trump!”

-Governor Chris Christie [February 26th, 2016]

PRESIDENT TRUMP did say that “at some point, we’re going to do something with” Governor Chris Christie, last month. AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS NOW COMING TO FRUITITION! #TrumpTrain!