The NY Times repeatedly targets President Trump with completely fake news. I can’t even count the amount of times that The NY Times has been caught posting full-fledged LIES about President Trump. I mean, click this link, and you’ll see the TOTAL FICTION they wrote about what Trump’s ex-girlfriend said. It’s really a shame. The NY Times is catching up to CNN in the race for ‘The Championship of Fake News’. It’s actually ridiculous. And NOW the liberal rag, The NY Times, has been caught posting an article with a DISGUSTING, DISPARAGING, DEMEANING, DESTRUCTIVE, RACIST headline targeting African-American & Latino-American youth. This Is Actually SICK! Seriously.

TOTALLY RACIST. The NY Times bases a child’s intellect off of their race .. by saying that “It’s rare to see black and Latino students excel in math.”  ARE YOU SERIOUS, NY Times? That’s actually sick! Disgusting rhetoric. The left’s closeted racism seeps out once again. We’ve caught the left exposing their bigotry before. Quite a few times actually.


Yep. The NY Times actually based a kid’s intellect and cognitive ability off of their race. They literally said that “It’s rare” to see black kids & Latino kids do good at math. What a joke. Screw The NY Times. Totally racist. #BoycottNYT


The NY Times used to be reliable, several years ago. But lately it’s become a dumping ground for mentally-ill reporters’ wacky liberal viewpoints. Really sad. I mean The NY Times really doesn’t try that hard to cover up their tracks. The NY Times actually hired someone who admitted he is a total hack. Really sad. LMAO. The NY Times also got exposed, via leaked emails, that they fully colluded with Hillary Clinton. But not a surprise.

Kyle Olson of The American Mirror had a perfect write-up about the heinous & offensive article name.

On Friday, The New York Times stereotypically claimed “It’s rare to see black & Latino students excel in math,” while tweeting a link to an article about — minority students excelling at math.


I’m just baffled. I’m at a total loss for words. If I were black or Hispanic, I would be LIVID. Totally, totally uncalled for. #BoycottNYT. The NY Times is filled with racists & bigots. Seriously. So heinous.