VP Pence traveled to Munich, Germany yesterday to speak at the big Munich Security Conference.

VP Pence gave a humble, yet powerful speech, to reassure America’s allies that NATO will remain together with strong unification.

[Some NATO members & enthusiasts voiced deep concern for PRESIDENT TRUMP’s rhetoric on NATO. Now I doubt PRESIDENT TRUMP needed to be told how vital NATO is, as he is a very intelligent and educated man. But if PRESIDENT TRUMP did need any kind of reminder on the importances of the NATO alliance, then rest assured that his DEFENSE SECRETARY & good friend General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis fully brought President Trump up to speed on the importance of NATO. Because after Trump and Mattis met multiple times, as cordial friends and strict governmental cohorts, Trump and Mattis both came our in solidarity of full support for the NATO alliance.
BUT REST ASSURED, the frugality of the best businessman in the world President Donald J. Trump would shine through. Because not only did PRESIDENT TRUMP follow through on his campaign rhetoric, and DEMANC NATO ALLIES PAY UP. General Mattis, SECRETARY Of DEFENSE, came out of his shell and for the first time told NATO allies, cordially & kindly & respectfully, that they must pay their fair portion of the deal. The U.S.A. is by far the most primal part of NATO, as the U.S.A. is the key to security and peace throughout the globe, so we have the leverage over our friends in the world. Of course, we don’t use the leverage to bully nor oppress our allies nor any other countries that don’t provoke .. but we use that leverage when it is necessary, when it is a fair time to use it. And the fact that American taxpayers’ are paying for the whole damn thing of NATO, while other countries slide by on underfunds — isn’t gonna cut it. And due to the U.S.’s leverage, we can use it in this time with NATO, not because we want to utilize our higher stature & stronger power — but because we’re regal & kindhearted enough to withhold our leverage and pressure UNTIL it’s only necessary to be embedded upon a situation. And when it comes to our tremendous allies of NATO, baby-baby-baby .. PAY UP because a BUSINESSMAN IS RUNNING THINGS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. 1400 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. WASHINGTON D.C. District of Columbia. AMERICA FIRST but NATO’s important, too!]

I’ll recap all of VP Pence’s tremendous speech in a moment .. but first let’s discuss what the warmongering neocon Senator John ‘Songbird’ McCain did at the conference. Senator McCain also flew out to Germany to speak at the event, but all he did was gripe and moan .. and told Americans why we’re terrible authoritarians for wanting to put AMERICA FIRST. and then McCain bashed PRESIDENT TRUMP for his ‘AMERICA FIRST’ agenda & pro-nationalist policies. Basically, Senator McCain lectured the American people on why we need to accept dangerous Muslims into our country so they can rape our women and kill us — and we also need to keep our southern border wide open for illegal criminal aliens — and we also need to quit saying ‘America First’ because it’s bigoted or racist or whatever. Yeah, McCain basically said that while simultaneously bashing the 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump. Truly sad. Truly pathetic. McCain is senile & he sucks! #ImpeachMcCain! [Read my full article about McCain’s repulsive speech, here.]

VP Pence spoke in Munich on behalf of the President, Donald J. Trump.

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VP Pence also met with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel [who has endangered her citizens with her open border policies & has justly faced fierce criticism from President Trump].

Make no mistake. I know as the U.S.A., our job is to be kind as can be IN ORDER TO RESTORE & KEEP IN PLACE security in the world, but VP Pence is talking to a pure, evil, gargantuan goblin right there. Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel [the full-fledged globalist, pseudo-Satanic, semi-Islamic witch] is a purebred evil bloodhound [spiritually] and a Hitlerian mindset [just a little more reserved, with a strong touch of ISLAMIC FASCISM]. Merkel isn’t some imperialist, but she sees Germany as a social experiment and it doesn’t matter how many white German girls [child, teenager, adult, or elderly] gets raped, sodomized, abducted, attacked, strangled, gang-banged, and killed by a Muslim mongrel .. GERMANY WILL BE A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY, WHETHER THE WHITE NATIVE GERMANS LIKE IT OR NOT!

Don’t believe me that Merkel is a total Hitlerian-like figure? Look at what she did to a police official, for just questioning her position on Muslim immigration.

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You wanna talk about dictatorial, Hitlerian, authoritarian-like maneuvers from a stronghold in a governmental establishment? Baby, Merkel is one evil b*tch and she’s got the spirit of an angry, demonic, Vampiric, bloodthirsty bloodhound. And if you dare QUESTION HER AUTHORITY, especially when it comes to her beloved MUSLIM ADULT MEN WHO RAPE YOUR 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER [sometimes in the kiddie pool] — Then YOU WILL BE LOCKED UP, BEAT UP, AND TORTURED UNTIL YOU LEARN YOUR PLACE AND BOW DOWN TO YOUR SUPREME GERMANIC GODDESS — a.k.a. the Trojan Horse of Islam, ANGERLA DOROTHEA MERKEL.
So SENATOR McCAIN Wants TO EQUATE PRESIDENT TRUMP To A Fascist/Dictatorial/AUTHORITARIAN-Like Political Leader? Last time I checked, President Trump fully supports the right to protest .. even if they’re disparaging him like crazy. MAYBE McCain needs to check out Merkel. She seems to be the real fascist, and she’s not running an imperialistic fascist political approach. She’s running a cultural, Islamic takeover — from the OUTSIDE-INWARD, to totally destroy her own country. And rebuild it into a Muslim hellhole of rape, sewage, murder, death, destruction, and SHARIA LAW. Why? I GUESS BECAUSE SHE’S UGLIER THAN HELL, A WEIRD NERD-GIRL WHO PROBABLY SCARED THE BOYS AWAY BECAUSE THE TRIED TO CUT THEIR PENIS OFF IN BED WHEN THEY WEREN’T LOOKING. I mean seriously, look at her hair and eyes and how lovingly she is with weird, brown-skinned, brainless, barbaric, savage Arabic men .. and look at how hateful and dreadful she is around her own Germanic, white-skinned, snow-skinned, pure-skinned, fellow native Germans [of Judeo-Christianic values]. But then again, Merkel seems like a hater of the first world and the beauty of the natural state of respectful patriarchy [where man is the protector but the woman is equal in her own tender, softer, yet special way .. and not the misogynistic ‘patriarchy’ that “moderate Muslims” bring to the table with the demon-possessed, evil spiritual virtues of the Satanic-energized, sin-plagued, death-book of oppression wrapped up in the Islamic ‘holy pages’ of the holy text of the holy book of the holy Quran [not holy to me, f**k the Quran and f**k Muslims to hell].

SO BACK TO THE MAIN MEAT. Vice President Pence in Munich, giving a powerful speech. LET’S RECAP. Go!

VP Pence gave a very well-received speech that triggered multiple applauses throughout it’s duration.


VP Mike Pence reaffirmed the United States’ support for NATO.

VP Pence also may have startled Russia when he issued statements, urging them to pull back from their violent advances in eastern Ukraine.

Despite that commendable remark in opposition to Russian aggression, VP Pence also made a brisk note of President Trump’s optimistic hope for a rekindling of warmth between Russia and the USA.

As you see, VP Pence intelligently reaffirms his strong stance in opposition to Russia’s tyrannical invasion of Ukrainian’s nation-state, yet at the same time he sticks out the hand of friendship — via President Trump’s wishes — giving Russia an opportunity to turn back from it’s villainous ways.


VP Pence is doing all he can, to align with his friend President Donald J. Trump’s optimistic outlook on a potential relationship with Russia. Yet Trump & Pence both know that the U.S. must take a bold stance against Russia’s ridiculous & wild intrusions into Ukraine.

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VP Pence began his tremendous speech with this: “Today, on behalf of President Trump, I bring you this assurance: The United States of America strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in its commitment to our trans-Atlantic alliance,”


VP Pence also noted that President Trump has a promise to Europeans.

“This is President Trump’s promise: We will stand with Europe, today and every day, because we are bound together by the same noble ideals — freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law.”

-Vice President Mike Pence

VP Pence bolstered a defiant stance against Russian aggressions. Despite President Trump’s attempts to ease tensions between the U.S. and Russia, VP Pence had no choice but to issue a statement — to alleviate Ukraine’s worries. VP Pence said, “In the wake of Russian efforts to redraw international borders by force rest assured, the United States, along with the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany, will continue its leadership role as a framework nation in the Enhanced Forward Presence Initiative and support other critical joint actions to support our alliance.”

VP Pence also noted that the U.S. “must hold Russia accountable” for their invasive & violent approach into eastern Ukraine. VP Pence also noted that Russia must “honor the Minsk Agreements, beginning by de-escalating the violence in eastern Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s government has showed concern over President Trump’s rhetoric on Russia. President Trump and Russia PM Vladimir Putin have had cordial conversations & repeatedly complimented each other throughout President Trump’s historic campaign.

Despite the warmhearted remarks made to each other, reality is starting to set in as the U.S. has no choice but to stand up for the peaceful people of Ukraine .. in the face of an intrusive Russia. Ukraine President Poroshenko is optimistic about his relationship with President Trump, despite Trump’s yearning to get along with Russia. Poroshenko also spoke at the Munich Security Summit.


The Munich Security Conferenced marked VP Pence’s first trip overseas as the Vice President. Defense Secretary James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly also attended the important security event.

Now, getting back to Vice President Mike Pence’s speech @ Munich.

VP Pence also spoke strongly about the Iranians’ never-ending attempts to become a severe nuclear threat.

VP Pence called out the radical Islamic IRANIAN Gov’t for continuing “to destabilize the Middle East” .. VP Pence also referenced the weakness of Obama’s administration when it came to Iran by saying that “thanks to the end of nuclear-related sanctions under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [Iran Nuclear Deal], Iran now has additional resources to devotwe to these efforts.” 

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VP Pence’s strong statements against Iran echoed the staunch stance of President Trump when it comes to the Iranians. President Trump already implemented a travel ban on Iran, and is willing to issue very sturdy sanctions on the unhinged country. It’s sad that stupid, far-left judges overturned Trump’s travel ban — because now Iranians who scream ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ can free-flow into our country with just a plane ticket on over.

VP Pence then continued to speak out against IRAN. VP Pence made a bold, clear, powerful, strong, AMERICAN statement — in opposition to Iran.

“Let me be clear: Under President Trump, the United States will remain fully committed to ensuring that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon capable of threatening our countries or our allies in the region, especially Israel.”

-Vice President Mike Pence

Another primal point that VP Pence hit in his tremendously put-together speech, was ISIS and the battle to destroy them. VP Pence describe ISIS as “perhaps the greatest evil of them all.”

VP Pence reiterated that “the United States will fight tirelessly to crush” ISIS [and other Islamic jihadists]. VP Pence then finished off with an IMPACTFUL STATEMENT, saying that under President Trump’s masculine leadership, ISIS will be consigned “to the ash heap of history, where they belong.”

” [ISIS is] perhaps the greatest evil of them all. It shows a savagery unseen in the Middle East since the Middle Ages … the United States will fight tirelessly to crush these enemies — especially ISIS and its so-called caliphate — and consign them to the ash heap of history, where they belong.”

-Vice President Mike Pence

Now compare that spiel on ISIS by VP Pence to President Obama’s statements about the Islamic State. VP Pence and President Trump are bringing a true, patriotic, ‘strongman’, fearless. steadfast, unwavering, aggressive [if need be], intense, quick, swift, ‘no-nonsense’ approach to RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS .. especially ISIS! Obama, Hillary, and many Democrats won’t even utter the words ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM’ in fear that they’ll offend Muslims [even though many “moderate Muslims” are pro-Sharia Law rapists & 3rd world monstrous murderers]. We’ve seen how quick, yet strategic and smart, Defense Secretary Mattis has begun his attacks on ISIS. Under PRESIDENT TRUMP’s leadership, along with the significant help from the amazingly strong, powerful patriots he’s assigned throughout his Cabinet .. ISIS will be burnt to a crisp & disappeared from the face of God’s green earth .. Forever! ! !

Just hearing how INTENSELY, BOLDLY, FEARLESSLY, STRATEGICALLY, MASCULINELY, PATRIOTICALLY, and TRUTHFULLY Vice President Pence speaks about ISIS .. and how President Trump speaks about ISIS .. it reminds me of Governor Christie’s words he said back at a Trump rally in Oklahoma City, OK.

“Can you imagine the whiplash .. The WHIPLASH. That AMERICA’s ENEMIES are gonna feel, when we go from a weakling like Barack Obama to a MAN Of STRENGTH like DONALD TRUMP.”

That statement, by Gov. Christie, summarizes it perfectly. AMERICA’s ENEMIES are already rethinking its’ positions and are on RED ALERT. America’s enemies, worldwide, NOW MORE THAN EVER.. Are shaking in their boots. BECAUSE A REAL AMERICAN MALE is leading the charge inside The White House.

[Remember when REAGAN became POTUS and took over the helm from the weakling Jimmy Carter? The hostages were released immediately. Whether that was really due to Reagan’s ‘strongman’ aura .. or whether it was just to piss Jimmy Carter off [and the Iranians weren’t concerned about Reagan, but instead just wanted to give Carter a parting middle finger by releasing the hostages for Reagan to receive praise for, despite the fact Carter had been working for years to have them released] .. whether the Iranians truly released the hostages because they knew better than to challenge Reagan, OR NOT. It is symbolic, either way, that when a strong, true, red-white-and-blue patriot steps up take charge of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA .. Our enemies stand at attention & rethink their gameplan real quick .. with sweat trickling down their face, and a twitch in their eyes, and a new profound weakness coiling in their knees. When a true, strong, nationalist — yet patriotic man steps up to take control of things .. America’s enemies FEAR. Whether they acknowledge it or not. They FEAR the U.S.of.A. because of what they know the new strongman will do, and because of fear of what they don’t know the new strongman will do. Both are equally as terrifying .. for the U.S.A.’s fiercest foes & evilest enemies.]