The brave U.S. Marshals have officially announced that they’re providing security for President Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

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DeVos is for school choice, so that kids in the ghetto have the option to go to a better school, outside of the ghetto, even if they’re not zoned for that school. I WONDER WHY THE LIBTARDS ARE AGAINST THIS?!


Spokeswoman for the U.S. Marshals Service, Lynzey Donahue, said that Betsy DeVos is being protected by them due to “Security reasons” and that “she could not provide any information about the number of marshals assigned to DeVos or say whether they are providing round-the-clock protection. It is unclear how long the arrangement will last.”

Just recently a large mass of RADICAL, UNHINGED, LEFTIST THUGS prevented her from entering a Washington D.C. middle school.

Usually the Education Secretary has civil servants guarding him/her but radical liberals have gotten so unpredictable that the U.S. Marshals were called into protect DeVos.

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Just last Monday, DeVos started getting protection from the U.S. Marshals. Ever since an unhinged group of liberals blocked her from entering a D.C. school, DeVos has had this arrangement. In that horrible incident, “several protesters tried to block the movement of a government car entering the street in front of the school, and a few others tried to bar DeVos from entering the school building. Video circulated by WJLA (Channel 7), the local ABC television affiliate, showed a member of the department’s security team steering DeVos away from the protesters, guiding her by an arm as she returned to her government vehicle.”


One of the protesters viciously assaulted a D.C. police officer and was rightfully arrested. According to this highly-trusted report, many liberal “protesters scuffled with police outside the school, which is when one of the demonstrators was taken into custody.”

Just this past Wednesday, DeVos spoke with Townhall about how it’s been getting started as the Education Secretary. Check out the tremendously-insightful interview here.

I’m sure the U.S. Marshals will continue to keep DeVos safe from the VIOLENT, UGLY, RADICAL LIBERAL THUGS!