One Democrat politician thinks Guam could capsize. One Democrat thinks Putin is in a war against Korea. Another Democrat thinks George Push is still POTUS. And now Rep. Cummings, who bashed President Trump just a few days ago, is now saying that he is enthralled to meet with the POTUS? Wtf?!

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During the presser, POTUS said  that he “actually thought I had a meeting with Congressman Cummings, and he was all excited. And then he said, ‘Well, I can’t move, it might be bad for me politically. I can’t have that meeting.’”

Trump then mentioned that Schumer probably stopped Rep. Cummings from meeting with him.

Rep. Cummings watched the presser and told CBS News that he was not expecting President Trump to talk about him. Rep. Cummings then said, “I’m actually looking forward to meeting with the president.”

So Rep. Cummings goes from bashing President Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway [because she endorsed Ivanka Trump’s brand] to now exclaiming his exuberance about meeting POTUS. Weird guy!

Rep. Cummings is eager to talk with President Trump about a prescription drug bill that him and Senator Bernie Sanders are proposing. But then Rep. Cummings said that Trump “is my president and I am excited about meeting him.”

Rep. Cummings then said:

“He’s going to be my president for the next four years, and I look forward to working with him for my constituents. I want him to be successful.”

Just a few days ago, Rep. Cummings dissed the President. Rep. Cummings even implied that the President is a Russian agent. And now he’s acting as if President Trump is a gift from God!


At least, Rep. Cummings has come to his senses. Well, I hope so!