Earlier today, VP Pence flew out to Germany to speak at the Munich Security Summit. Well, ANTI-TRUMP neocon Senator John McCain decided to speak there as well. And he disrespected the 45th President. SICK!


Totally ridiculous.

McCain has attacked Trump’s press secretary and now he is directly targeting the 45th POTUS, Donald J. Trump himself. McCain did not mention Pres. Trump by name but he targeted Trump’s AMERICA FIRST agenda.

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No wonder McCain is for globalism [and not Americanism], as we seem him with “Dr. Evil” George Soros above.

Just like Obama and the Democrats, Senator McCain targeted and demonized nationalism & sovereignty. McCain, who is partly responsible for the migrant crisis and the Middle East hellhole [since he is a warmonger that supported the IRAQ INVASION], then went after POTUS for putting a stigma around Muslims and Muslim migrants [even though radical Muslims are infiltrating the refugee waves and “moderate Muslims” are raping and pillaging throughout Europe].

This is Maria Ladenburger. She was a 19-year-old college student at the time she was abducted, raped, & murdered by a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan. Thanks to Merkel’s open border policy, she was viciously raped & killed by a Muslim monster from the Middle East hellhole. The beautiful young lady Maria Ladenburger also happened to be the daughter of an EU official. I look at those two pics and just get sick & disgusted in my stomach due to the fact that such a gorgeous German teen was murdered by some Islamic demon from the middle east. I’m sure McCain is okay with it though. He is a warmonger & wants open borders for all the Muslims to come in.
Merkel & McCain suck! And President Trump is not afraid to say it.

Also earlier today in Munich, Senator McCain said that the founders of the Munich conference would be “alarmed” by an “increasing turn away” from globalist values. McCain basically demonized AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY and PRESIDENT TRUMP’s AMERICA FIRST policy. McCain basically reiterated former President Barack Hussein Obama [when he called out Trump for “crude nationalism”].

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Here’s what McCain said, point-by-point summarized, reported by The Washington Post:


All of those 4 quotes above were made by McCain at the Munich Security Summit earlier today. PRETTY SICK, HEINOUS, & DISGUSTING that ‘songbird’ McCain is calling out the leader of his own party & the leader of the free-world. Pretty treasonous, but no one is surprised that ‘songbird’ McCain is acting like so.


McCain is totally dishonorable .. not only for his treasonous & selfish deeds he committed in the Vietnam War .. but also for his total disrespect towards the Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump. Earlier today in Munich, McCain said the Trump Administration is in “disarray” & then implied that Trump is similar to an authoritarian. REALLY NOW?!

McCain said that Trump & his supporters are ‘flirting with authoritarianism’ .. Wtf? Because us American citizens want to be safe from radical Islamic terrorists, want secure borders & LEGAL Immigration ONLY, and want OUR INTERESTS TO BE PUT FIRST — that NOW makes us AUTHORITARIANS? Really? Because last time I checked, national sovereignty and putting our fellow American citizens’ needs before others’ needs was a PATRIOTIC thing to do, not an ‘authoritarian’ thing to do. McCain is totally senile. Warmongering freak.

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Navy SEAL Carl Higbie struck back at McCain’s daughter after she called him out on Twitter. Higbie said that McCain needs to show respect to PRESIDENT TRUMP.


Senator McCain may demonize President Trump for his protective, logical, and smart stance against “moderate Muslims” from the refugee crisis. But Navy SEAL Carl Higbie totally supports PRESIDENT TRUMP’s extreme vetting, as he noted that the so-called “moderate” Muslim migrants are RAPING, RAPING, RAPING European women like crazy.

It’s so obvious that the pro-amnesty, gutless, open-border-loving, anti-America, pro-globalist NEOCONSERVATIVE Senator McCain is a closeted Democrat. It’s a wonder why he’s even still in the GOP.

Maybe if warmongers like McCain didn’t push for the disastrous IRAQ WAR then the Muslim migrant crisis would NEVER HAVE BEEN. Maybe if people listened to businessman Donald Trump back before the invasion, when Trump said that the IRAQ WAR is a horrible idea that will ruin the region. Because POTUS TRUMP was right then, and even more right now.