In the historic press conference yesterday, President Trump combatted the liberal media in a heated dispute. The presser was supposed to be PRIMARILY ABOUT TRUMP’s Department of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. But it became to be much more than that. LOL.


 Sean Hannity went on his show and totally exposed the liberal media while shining the light on President Trump, who is taking on the abusively-biased, discredited, dishonest liberal media DIRECTLY TO THEIR FACE!

“After endless attacks from the alt-left propaganda media, President Trump is fighting back in a big way, by calling out the press directly and setting the record straight.”

-Sean Hannity

Hannity said that “Trump turned the tables on the press” and “made his case” that the media is truly waging a war on POTUS Trump with dishonest propaganda.

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“It got even uglier for the abusively biased alt-left propaganda media assembled in the East Room of the White House. President Trump, clearly angry at the media’s use of illegal leaks to make vague accusation his team colluded with Russia, administered a well-deserved pummeling.”

-Sean Hannity

Hannity noted all of the big highlights from the heated, yet amazing, press conference. Hannity then finished off with this:

“It was a historic beat down of the alt-left propaganda media, and they had it coming. It’s refreshing to see a commander-in-chief who will fight back against all the dishonesty and smears to set the record straight with the American people.”

-Sean Hannity

Watch the full opening monologue below.