We’ve never had a President like Donald J. Trump. He’s the first person to become President without any prior political experience nor military experience. He’s been an A-list celebrity his whole life. He’s got property everywhere, across the earth. He tells it like it is, straight-up. And he’s not bought out by any big businesses nor lobbyists.

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This is why I, instinctively, worry for his safety. If JFK was killed [some believe committed by the CIA] then Trump can be as well. Reagan, who has similarities to Trump [but differences as well], was shot and survived.

In this day and age, with the liberal media festering hostility and anger towards the President, I’m very concerned with POTUS’ safety. Even though he does have Secret Service and unlimited security.

Due to the liberal media, especially corrupt CNN, festering hatred towards President Trump, it’s no wonder sh*t like this happens.




Seriously people, we’ve seen TWO EXTREMELY SCARY SITUATIONS [one of the incidents was a REAL THREAT]. And this rock incident may not be a big deal, but it’s just a little worrying for sure. We’ve seen mainstream media networks slightly imply an internal yearning for Trump’s death.



Click this link, to watch the segment where CNN fantasizes about Trump’s assassination.
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#BoycottCNN forever.
When a liberal media pundit or politician says something like that, they do it very discretely and as innocently as possible with just a hint of seriousness. But they still pseudo-intellectually called for it.

Senator Chuck Schumer, with his creepy nightmarish ghoul face, suggested that the CIA could murder President Trump for his questioning of their findings. Schumer is TOTALLY SICK!


Well..  we’ve seen people openly call for Trump’s assassination on social media, but the liberal media won’t report it. We’ve seen NFL Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson sadistically call for Trump’s death. We’ve seen comedian George Lopez call for the President’s head on a silver platter. It’s really worrysome that none of these prominent celebrities, that call for the DEATH of the President, aren’t getting SERIOUSLY CHECKED OUT or AT LEAST WARNED. Madonna literally called for a full-scale terrorist bombing of the Trump White House. Secret Service apparently investigated the threat,

#BoycottMadonna .. better yet, #BoycottHollywood all together. It’s nothing but mental illness being sold via CD’s, mixtapes, movies, and albums.

..but the fact remains.. if a prominent celebrity like Madonna [with millions upon millions of fans and supporters across the world] is calling for President Trump’s death — that’s really a mega-problem. Especially since she’s calling for Trump’s death due to political differences. SICK, SICK, SICK. That’s liberalism for ya. That’s Hollywood for ya.

Seriously, if some redneck got arrested for hanging an Obama dummy with a noose — then I think a multi-millionaire, powerful, globally-known, globally-loved celebrity like Madonna should DEFINITELY BE THROWN IN JAIL for LITERALLY CALLING FOR SOMEONE TO COMMIT TERRORISM BY BLOWING UP President Trump inside The White House. But yet, Madonna got off with no charges. Ridiculous. TRULY SICK!

And we recently saw a Clinton family friend get arrested for threatening to kill President Trump.

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And NOW, during President Trump’s trip to Florida, a radical liberal threw some object at a vehicle in Trump’s motorcade.

The object, apparently, did not hit President Trump’s vehicle .. but it hit one of the vehicles riding along with him. The Secret Service issued a statement on the ludicrous incident.

“The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further,” a U.S. Secret Service spokesperson said.


The petty, but annoying [and somewhat startling], incident occurred near President Trump’s glorious Mar-a-Lago resort. A large number of police officers and Secret Service agents gathered at an intersection along Southern Boulevard to investigate the incident. Of course, intolerant liberals were still loudly and abrasively protesting on the corner after the motorcade passed. Agents went into nearby stores and gas stations, seeking potential video footage of the incident. A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department crime scene unit collected two items from the scene and carried them off.

This happened just yesterday afternoon. ABC News posted some tweets to alert the public.


According to recent reports, law enforcement believes a liberal punk threw a rock [approximately the size of a baseball].

Some smart ass liberal decided to mock Trump on Twitter, so I let them have a piece of my mind.

So I replied…

The rock did not hit the Presidential Limo but hit another vehicle in the President’s motorcade. Notice how Hillary and her supporters lectured Trump supporters about NOT RIOTING if Trump lost. Well ever since Hillary lost, we’ve seen liberal losers violently protest, disgustingly disrupt, and sadistically riot — while encouraging THE ASSASSINATION of the PRESIDENT. Ridiculous! Us CONSERVATIVES Are SICK, TIRED, & 100% FED UP WITH LIBERALS’ BULLSH*T!