CNN has really been beat down. Repeatedly. Repeatedly. Again. And again. And they deserve it, 100%!

President Trump called them ‘FAKE NEWS’ on national TV & the owner company Time-Warner’s stocks totally plummeted. And we’ve seen CNN get so hypersensitive that they actually cut Bernie Sanders off the air because he made a simple joke by saying ‘CNN fake news’ .. IT’S REALLY GETTING EMBARRASSING For CNN! I start to feel bad & then I remember .. They’ve repeatedly fabricated stories! And they colluded with Hillary against Bernie & Trump. So I don’t feel bad for CNN.

Also, at the heated press conference a few days ago, President Trump owned them & humiliated them once again by labeling them FAKE, FAKE, FAKE NEWS! Haha!

Well last night, folks. Don Lemon nearly had a heart attack. I mean, I’m serious. DON LEMON looked like he was about to grab a revolver and play Russian roulette, I’m serious.

During a segment last night, Paris Dennard embarrassed CNN on their own network by saying they were 100% FAKE NEWS! Skip to 3:20 mark of the video. Don Lemon literally has a meltdown.

Really, really sad. Mentally-ill people working at CNN .. fantasizing about Trump’s death, claiming them being called ‘fake news’ is the equivalent of a black guy getting called a ‘n-word’, and now Don Lemon is pushed so far to the edge that he’s about to jump off a building. Really sad people working at CNN.


I applaud Paris Dennard for calling out that snot-nosed punk Don Lemon straight to his face. CNN is fake news! They’re not a news source! The Onion is more trusted than CNN these days! It’s sad because it’s true.



The difference between CNN & The Onion is that The Onion actually admits their SATIRE .. while CNN expects you to believe they’re truthful & bipartisan! Hahahah. CNN. What a joke! TOTAL JOKE! #BoycottCNN Forever! FOREVER, FOLKS. Boycott CNN forever.

Click this article, in Paris Dennard’s tweet below & scroll through the article AND JUST TAKE A LOOK AT ALL OF THE TIMES YOU SEE ‘CNN’ on the page! It’s really, really sad. CNN sucks! CNN is not a news source!