Brian Williams, who landed in severely hot water after falsely stating he was in a helicopter that got shot down overseas, is now coming after President Trump for accusing the liberal media of being ‘fake news’ .. You can’t make this up. Brian Williams has truly had a fall from grace.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams went on a spiel about the Founders and how they were all for free speech, and all for the public to be free to attack the gov’t and blah blah blah.. yeah, it’s funny that MSNBC for once cares about the Founders and our freedom-providing Constitutional rights! Anyways, Brian Williams goes onto say that:

“… we outed a public official, who was lying to the public, about the nature of his contacts about what many would define as a hostile foreign power.”

That statement was about General Flynn’s conversation with the Russians .. which eventually led to his termination.

Brian Williams then said:

“That is the most basic function of a free press– in our society, and the President’s response to that was to have a semi-meltdown, and to accuse us all of purveying fake news, when in fact his own actions, which were to fire General Flynn, proved that the news was spot on.”

Okay, so CNN and BuzzFeed [which swear to God they’re very trustworthy] spread a 4chan prank about Trump and ‘golden shower’ prostitutes, and they claimed it was 110% LEGIT. A hashtag ‘#GoldenShowers” got trending on the web and so many people believed it was true .. when in fact it was totally fake, false, fabricated, foolish, fake. And anyways, why would Trump get pissed on? He’s a germaphobe. Anyways… The media has repetitively pushed fake news, repetitively covered up for Hillary [while simultaneously telling you not to go discover Hillary’s corruption on your own, but instead let them show you the WikiLeaks documents .. because they’re “trusted”]. The media pushed the biggest lie ever called ‘HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT’ which caused riots and cop deaths and terrible, terrible things. The media just repeatedly attacks Trump with FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS and then Brian Williams [who is the most notorious for spreading FAKE NEWS] is now telling you [and President Trump] to quit having a “semi-meltdown” over fake news and quit accusing the FAKE NEWS media of creating FAKE NEWS, when repeatedly they create FAKE NEWS? Huh?!

I just wrote that, and it’s confusing, but true. The media is right sometimes but usually, IF THEY REPORT THE FACTS, they distort it and twist it with their own ‘rose-colored glasses’ and truly make a biased report on the facts. The media may report the facts, SOMETIMES, but when they do — they slant the facts to make you perceive it as truly terrible. Like when Trump implemented the immigration ban, they claimed it was a MUSLIM BAN .. even though, LITERALLY, 85% of the world’s Muslims were still allowed to immigrate & take a trip to America whenever they wanted. So that’s what the media does. They sometimes report it straight-up, but the truth is .. the media has been caught pushing fake news too many times [and they’ve been caught secretly siding with the liberal Democrats so many times] that even when the media truly reports the facts, the American people NATURALLY do their own research to assure themselves what the media is reported isn’t FAKE NEWS. So Brian Williams, I get MSNBC is a far-left channel and I get y’all hate Trump and I get Mika is senile/neurotic and I get y’all love Bernie Sanders/socialism/communism bullsh*t .. Brian Williams, I know you’re sorry for lying about being on a helicopter with troops and then getting shot down out of the sky during the Iraq War. I know you probably won’t ever make up another horsesh*t lie like that in your life, but still .. you are NOTORIOUS for spreading FAKE NEWS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, Just To ENHANCE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S PERCEPTION OF YOURSELF. So why would we not [somewhat, maybe?] kinda, sorta expect you to spread more fake news to enhance the American people’s perception of the Democrats? Just saying. So Brian Williams, don’t lecture Trump or us ‘DEPLORABLES’ about FAKE NEWS .. when you’re the most guilty. And that’ll never change.

So Brian Williams, I guess we should never say the liberal media is ‘fake news’ .. it’s obvious the media is always correct, right?! RIGHT?!! RIGHT!!



Ohh. Guess not, LMAO.

Oh yeah. Brian Williams is right, the media is TOTALLY NOT BIASED. The media is totally not colluding with Hillary. The media is totally not going easy on Hillary. The media totally didn’t eat dinner with Hillary every week. The media is never reporting ‘fake news’

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Brian Williams is just like ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton. Remember when Hillary blamed FAKE NEWS for her humiliating election loss? Remember when Hillary lectured America about the ‘epidemic’ of fake news? When in fact, Hillary spread FAKE NEWS by saying she was getting sniped at in Bosnia?




So Brian W says he got shot down while in a chopper & Crooked H says she ’bout got shot in the face while ‘landing sideways’ in Bosnia. And then they tell us that FAKE NEWS is to blame, or whatever. Hahahah. Alt-media is on the rise, Brian Williams. Put up with it.

And what makes me mad is the ARROGANCE of a discredited, liberal site like POLITICO and claiming that all ALT-MEDIA websites are ‘ALTERNATE REALITY’ aka fake. Okay, some alt-media websites are fake but most of the alt-media sites I visit have true proof and present legitimate facts and sources. Yet POLITICO claims all alt-media is just fake. True arrogance! TRULY! ARROGANT!


Yes, The NY Times literally said globalism was fake. LMAO.


When Trump exclaims with a fiery, patriotic, passionate FREEDOM-YELL at the RNC that “Americanism, NOT GLOBALISM, will be our credo ! ! !”

.. and then wins the election in a landslide, you can’t tell me that the US citizens voted for Trump because they were ‘duped’ by a ‘far-right conspiracy theory’ called ‘globalism’ .. Umm, no. Globalism isn’t a ‘far-right conspiracy’, NY Times, globalism means:

  • open borders
  • non-sovereignty
  • multiculturalism [even though not all cultures are equal & not all cultures can coexist]
  • international trade deals that gut sovereign country’s economy

So, NY TIMES. Give me a break! Globalism is real, it’s a real word, it’s a real theory .. GLOBALISM. It’s a real approach that many companies, corporations, politicians, unelected leaders, lobbyists, and governments use.

Globalist policies have failed European people when it comes to safety, patriotism, and the economy. Globalism fails. The globalist trade deals [manufactured by mega-corporations & implemented by bought-off politicians] truly rips the souls out of countries [aka it rips the workforce away and truly makes people rely more on the gov’t for survival .. because the jobs are gone].

Whether ‘globalists’ know they’re ‘GLOBALISTS’ or not, when you execute policies that support OPEN BORDERS, FREE-FOR-ALL IMMIGRATION, MULTICULTURALISM, UN-VETTED ‘REFUGEES’ / ‘MIGRANTS, INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE TRADE DEALS, and the death of SOVEREIGNTY + the BIRTH OF COUNTRIES BEING CONJOINED IN A “UNION” .. Then they’re globalists and [or] supporting a globalist agenda. That’s what it is. End of story. Amen.


Even the multiculturalist Bernie Sanders admits TPP is a terrible globalist trade transaction. And remember Bernie tells you that securing the southern border is ‘racist’ .. so Bernie is semi-globalist as he pushes for open borders by pressing the ‘racist’ label on you. But even Bernie admits TPP / international & mass trade deals SUCK!

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So folks, when the mainstream media starts telling you that ‘globalism is fake’  [it’s obviously not as Hillary admitted it in her leaked documents & Brexit happened to escape it & Marine LePen is leading a French crusade against it] .. and when the mainstream media tells you the sky isn’t blue and the sun didn’t come up this morning and ‘Trump is a Russian agent’ and there’s Easter bunnies on the moon .. do some legit fact-checking, on your own. Find legitimate resources, slap yourself on the head and snap out of the trance. Mainstream media tells the truth half of the time [if that, to be real] but the other half of the time it’s truly liberally-biased and distorted, slanted ‘facts’ ..


.. So don’t trust everything you hear, but don’t automatically discredit the mainstream media. But just be aware that the mainstream media is not always correct, as we’ve seen their bias repeatedly.


Over and over, again… Sii-igh.