The mainstream media is totally unhinged. They relentlessly lash out on Trump with fake stories to make him seem bad. It’s really getting worse and worse.

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President Trump laid the hammer down on the corporate, corrupt, liberal media outlets.

President Trump has accurately renamed the mainstream media the “Democrat-media complex” .. It’s great to have a POTUS with balls & who will finally call out the media for their disgusting liberal bias.

On Twitter, President Trump tweeted that The NY Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, & CNN are enemies of the American people .. due to the fact they repeatedly feed them disinformation, on a daily basis.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! Take that, fake news media! BAM!

It’s gotten so bad with the dishonesty, corruption, distortion, and fabrication of the liberal media — that Americans just fact-check stuff themselves and utilize alternative media.


Americans have woken up to the media’s disinformation. And it’s a great thing. President Trump really awoke the masses! #DrainTheSwamp!