Pope Francis continues to defend “moderate Muslims” [that aren’t so moderate when they pillage, rape, spit, assault, riot, kill] .. and he continues to defend all Muslims, in general [whether they’re “moderate” — which means they’re halfway radical OR whether they’re 100% radical]. Pope Francis loves flooding the white ethnostates of Europe with brown Muslim monsters to disrupt the racial demographic [that’s been built upon centuries of Europeanic ancestry] so that the Muslims can outbreed the white Europeans and install the Islamist ideology of hate, misogyny, Sharia Law, and advance the worldwide ‘CONVERT-OR-DIE’ caliphate. How Muslims immigrate, infest, and overtake a country is always the same. Not all cultures are equal, which is why multiculturalism just can’t happen. Jews and Christians can coexist — but we’ve been waiting thousands of years for Muslims to coexist. They can’t do it. Muslims are the reason why the Crusades occurred. The Crusades were a Christian defense force against the Islamic jihad.

ANYWAYS, Pope Francis said that ISLAMIC TERRORISM ISN’T REAL .. and on top of that he said the sun isn’t yellow, the sky is green, the moon has 2 pairs of ballsacks that you can only see every 82 years, and grass only grows if you pour acid on it.

Okay, seriously POPE FRANCIS. You semi-demonic, pseudo-intellectual, grotesquely illogical, creepy, potbellied bastard.

POPE FRANCIS lives behind a large fortress, consisting of massive barriers to protect him. Yet says PRESIDENT TRUMP is not Christlike in his plans to build a massive barrier on the southern border.

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This was the response by a Twitter user when POPE FRANCIS claimed Building Walls is Non-Christian. Read the full article here, lmao.

POPE FRANCIS is a dumba$$ globalist.

In a truly senile address on Friday, Pope Francis went ‘FULL HILLARY CLINTON/FULL LIBTARD’ when he said Islamic terrorism does not exist. Yep, Pope Francis said that ISLAMIC TERRORISM is just as NONEXISTENT as SANTA CLAUS & the Easter Bunny. THIS IS A GUY THAT’S SUPPOSED TO LEAD HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, OR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THROUGH RELIGIOUS SACRAMENTS OF LIFE? This senile, illogical, brutally dishonest, forcefully delusional POTBELLIED BASTARD?!! Ugh. REMEMBER WHEN POPE FRANCIS ALSO SAID THAT JESUS CHRIST Failed ON THE CROSS?!!!

Yeah, this guy is not a Christian. ANYWAYS…

In a statement that would make the far-left lunatic Bill Maher laugh in hysterical disbelief, Pope Francis said that “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist,”

Okay, Pope. SO WHEN THEY SCREAM ALLAHU AKBAR & CHOP OFF MY HEAD WHILE HOLDING A QURAN IN THE AIR, That’s not anything to do with ISLAMISM. Just like when I’m taking a sh*t and reading the HOLY BIBLE at 6 AM in the morning, I’m not really reading Christian scriptures because well… Christian scriptures don’t exist. And if I pick up a Talmud while brushing my teeth and read a few pages, I am not reading a Jewish holy book because Jewish holy books don’t exist. That’s the same “logic”, that I took from your statement and applied to a small, minor, incremental fixture — to expose HOW STUPID AND DELUDED YOU SOUND / ARE.


So POPE FRANCIS, I guess is trying to say in some type of ‘word pasta’ algorithm is that NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. Which is true, but many “moderate Muslims” are rapists, extremely oppressive violent misogynists, intolerant racists, Arabian supremacists, Islamic supremacists, some semi-support Isis/some don’t, and are 3rd world clubheaded barbaric brutes with no brain cells to allow them to smoothly fluctuate from a 3rd world hellhole to a civilized, technological, advanced civilization built upon Judeo-Christian values/virtues by white men & white women. Just being real. So I guess not all Muslims are jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims. And what is the only type of real, active, ongoing, never-ending, centuries-aged TERRORISM PROBLEM IN THE WORLD TODAY? Islamic Jihad. Aka ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Primarily rooted from ISLAM. The terror is inflicted due to their belief in Islam, not their belief in Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism or Sihkism. But In ISLAMISM. Radical Muslims [and moderates as well] inflict TERROR ON PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR STRONG BELIEF In ISLAM.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS are NOT JUST ‘TERRORISTS’ .. Because they don’t aimlessly commit terror, but instead commit terror with a vain, self-righteous conviction. They commit terror due to a purpose. And their purpose is Islam. And to establish that purpose so strongly to the extent of existential violence, brutality, and terror — you must have an extremely strong faith and belief in the purpose. So to grow belief in the purpose, the Islamic terrorists studied Islam, read the Quran and took the violent virtues to heart. Decided that they’d follow the Quran’s evil scriptures, and not the good ones that are sporadically spread through the scriptures. So the purpose of their infliction of terror is Islam. And to establish that purpose, they believed in Islam.  And to get a belief in Islam, you read the book of Islam. So the Islamic jihad-terrorists started at the root of Islam, the Quran. And the terror sprouted from there on upward. Therefore, the root of their terror is the Quran — which is the central vertex of Islam, and the sole root of Islam .. therefore the Quran is the primal point in which the violent, self-righteous, exceedingly violent & extremely vain purpose of inflicting terror began. It began in the Islamic holy book, called the Quran. Therefore their purpose for committing terror is the Quran, which is Islam. Therefore the reason they commit TERROR is ISLAM. Therefore their ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. And they are not Christian terrorists or Jewish terrorists or atheist, agnostic, Sihk, Buddhist terrorists, etc etc. Because the purpose of their terror is ISLAM. And how do I know that? BECAUSE TO ESTABLISH THAT PURPOSE TO COMMIT TERROR, THEY HAD TO LEARN ABOUT ISLAM. And that started in the Quran. And the Quran is the central point of Islam. Therefore the Quran is Islam. Therefore they are radical ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. Okay POPE?!

OKAY, POPE?! OKAY. End of story. DONE.