Late Friday evening, the Democrats had to concede another battle as their disruptions failed .. eventually, they all fail. President Trump’s selection for chief of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, was officially sworn in to oversee the Environmental Protection Agency. And LIBERALS. ARE. PISSED! Lmao!

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After a close Senate vote, in which Pruitt was approved (52-46), Supreme Court Justice Alito administered the oath of office to Pruitt. Either President Trump or Vice President Pence would have sworn in Pruitt, but both were out of town [Pence in Germany, Trump at SC/Florida].  

President Trump chose Pruitt to head the EPA back in December. Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma. Pruitt will now oversee the EPA and it’s 15,000 employees nationwide that are responsible for the protection of the air, water, ground, and entire environment.

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Republicans are extremely happy for Pruitt’s approval as he will delete President Obama’s insane environmental agenda that has killed countless jobs.

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The Democrats are extremely triggered by Pruitt, due to the fact he’s sued the EPA before. Democrats think Pruitt is an enemy of the environment.

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Liberal Democrats are extremely concerned about the environment under the Trump Administration, because Trump believes that RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM is a much bigger threat than “global warming.” LMAO.

Trump once called out Obama for refusing to kill terrorists, out of fear he’d “damage the environment” .. Lmao!
Liberals claim to be pro-environment, yet time-and-time again they leave behind trash after their protests/riots. Funny how conservatives never leave behind a mess, huh?

The Pro-Life March was calm yet powerful, and they didn’t litter. But the liberal women infested the streets with disgusting garbage & atrocious trash after their anti-Trump march.

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According to this report, President Trump will visit the EPA soon and sign numerous executive orders to rollback intrusive regulations that put Americans out of work!

As you see, Trump isn’t playing games.

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He’s keeping his promises to the coal miners & putting them back to work. Obama totally abused the great coal miners of America. #TrumpDigsCoal

CONGRATULATIONS TO SCOTT PRUIT. It’s GREAT to see the Democrats lose again as the liberals continue to whine & the Dems continue to fall to pieces.


On Tuesday, Pruitt will officially address EPA employees at the EPA HQ.

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The Dems fought so hard, held out so long, tirelessly opposed another one of President Trump’s nominees .. only to be slain & defeated .. ONCE AGAIN! Haha!


Keep crying, snowflakes.